Saturday, April 18, 2009

California Clasico Ready to Go

We're ready to go here at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum as the Galaxy look for their first win of the season against San Jose, who the Galaxy beat for their first win of 2008.

Here is the lineup that Bruce will put on the field this evening...







Subs: Saunders, Dunivant, Marshall, Tudela, Klein, Jordan, Bowen.

And the Earthquakes come out like this...






Subs: Weber, Roberts, Somma, Zahar, Amarikwa, McDonald, Weaver.


Chad said...

What is Arena doing? Franklin is a defender. Magee is a midfielder. Sanneh is a dinosaur. No matter what formation or positioning he tries, it doesn't change the fact that the players he bought are worthless. So frustrating.

charlesj27 said...

Guys (Commentors),
I feel your frustration... I do. Actually, Seab Franklin is doing quite well as a right midfielder - and, he really is helping out both ways - offense and defense. But, to go to a 3-5-2 against a team that put Arturo, Campos, Ryan, & Ramiro. That was not the right decision, in my opinion. Bruce was playing with danger. Tony... Tony... Tony... I know you have experience and height - but, dude - you are getting burned by the speed of opposing play! Again, another team scores on us in less than 5 minutes! Landon really wants to win - and, I can see that! But, Magee and Kirovski are disappointing me, now. They are not truly threatening and challenging - like they're afraid... afraid to get hurt. Guys, snap out of it - play with gusto and guts! Come on! You guys can win this - keep moving hte ball - but, keep it... keep it in posession in the final third. Break them down! You guys (players) can do it! Come on, LA Galaxy team. Keep attacking and creating to force them to falter. Right now, they're the ones applying most of the pressure. Kirovski & Magee have to psuh the defensive line of theirs harder.

charlesj27 said...

Again, Donovan Ricketts (GK) came up big for us - please, LA Galaxy team - it's good you guys are moving the ball around more and keeping it on the floor... but, keep it in the final third! Come on - make it challenging and personal. Get out there and be dominating.

charlesj27 said...

Pablo Campos is making some of our players look like children. But, he is aplyer with incrdible experience and vision of the field. I think Bobby Covey is finding his placement in the SJ team. LA is applyiing more pressure - which is good; let's see if Bryan and give us that something extra.

Chilly Willy said...

Unbelievable..........Now Ricketts, our best performer on the team is injured. I knew we were going to endure some hard times but becoming the worst team in the league was not part of the plan. We are digging up our own grave in which Beckham will refuse to jump in with us.

Anonymous said...

Come on bro. Franklin is looking good when he moves forward to add to the attack.

De la Garza on the other hand sucks. He passes back and adds pressure to the defense on 3/4 of his possessions. Grow some bro. Attack, move forward with it. You have 10 years of fresher legs than most players. Sanneh will more than likely go back to the bench when Berhalter comes back. He fits in much better.

Rickett heal quickly...if not Benitez better be call back to the lineup.

Go Galaxy!

Angel City Bridage

charlesj27 said...

AJ, thanks for your hard-work. Come on, LA - you guys can take it and run with it. Play smart. Hold onto the ball!

charlesj27 said...

Come on LA... you guys are getting to them... the SJ players are feeling it. Hang on - keep pushing! Bryan, my man! Way to take one for the team. Hope you're okay though!

charlesj27 said...

I knew it; it was only a matter of time. I knew inserting Bryan, then Chris, along with Landon & Eddie would result in something. YES!!! Kirovski - dude, please - please keep battling, keep working hard; stop second guessing. Work with Landon, Eddie, and Chris - Hold onto the ball!!! Come on guys, keep pushing!!!

charlesj27 said...

I really had wished for a win. I know all of the players wanted it so bad, also. But, there is a BIG, BIG difference between wanting/wishing and actually being the toughest, strongest, and most resilient! It's all about dominating; holding onto the ball; and finishing with pace & crispness. Put some hard power into the shots. This is why practicing under pressure always together is important. The LA Team needs to be much more practiced in holding onto the ball and feeding whilke running and taking shots with power. Keep at it, LA Galaxy! Keep at it!

pc1 said...

I think the result was fair. But sti
ll, I want a win damnit!

charlesj27 said...

UPDATE: Chivas USA beat the Seattle Sounders at the HDC. Final Score: CHV 2 - SEA 0. Preki must be super-elated. I know this must be a blow to thte Seattle players - but, Sigi will get his just desserts soon enough - no doubt!

That puts Chivas USA as the clear leaders in the West for now. And, we climb to a "hard-fought, dragged-out, bumbling, missed-opportunities" 3 whole points in the Western Division. Again, I'll say it - Magee and Kirovski have to... have to... must play harder and stronger!!! Edson - dude, are you anywhere near match fitness and strength, yet???
Also, Chivas had 18 foul calls against them tonight - while probably tried to press the issue with shots. Our LA Galaxy team needs to be toughened up more! From forwards to midfielders to defensive line - it's gotta get more organized, and more communicative.

Anonymous said...

The broadcast was the worst ever!

pc1 said...

Also, are the Galaxy actually watching video of their upcoming opponents and practicing at their stadia before each game? If they did that, I'd think they'll be WAY better.

Just my opinion.