Friday, April 10, 2009

Game (Show) Before The Game

Last night, LA Galaxy battled Chivas USA on the popular Spanish-language game show, "¡A Que No Puedes!".

It was all for a good cause, as both clubs were playing on behalf of their foundations. But that doesn't mean things didn't get heated (See Cozmo and ChivaFighter).

To say the show was a bit off the wall would be an understatement. Jules had to wear a wig, Karina (part of the Miss LA Galaxy court) learned she could could put her thumb behind her hand and Raul had to touch snakes. Armando rattled of a tongue twister and a Galaxy fan had to drink a pint of water blended with jalapeños.

We can't say who won, you'll just have to find out until the show airs later this month. But if you read this blog regularly, we think you'll be happy with the outcome.


Anonymous said...

video links please and why wasn't Dema sent there to do the job right!

Anonymous said...

Video clip please! I like Cozmo!