Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Streak is Dead; Galaxy win 5-2

LA Galaxy 5, D.C. United 2
September 20, 2008
The Home Depot Center – Carson, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
DC – Devon McTavish 1 (Ivan Guerrero 4) 2’
LA – Landon Donovan 17 (Chris Klein 4) 23’
LA – Landon Donovan 18 (David Beckham 9) 35
LA – Alan Gordon 5 (Unassisted) 38’
DC – Thabiso Khumalo 1 (Gonzalo Martinez 2) 48’
LA – Peter Vagenas 1 (Landon Donovan 8) 81’
LA – Landon Donovan 19 (Chris Klein 5) 92+

Misconduct Summary:
LA – David Beckham (Yellow Card) 20’
DC – Clyde Simms (Yellow Card) 33’
LA – Alan Gordon (Yellow Card) 56’
DC – Marc Burch (Red Card) 63’

LA Galaxy: Josh Wicks, Chris Klein, Sean Franklin, Troy Roberts, Ante Jazic (Joe Franchino 87’), Greg Vanney (Brandon McDonald 80’), Eddie Lewis, David Beckham©, Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, Alan Gordon (Peter Vagenas 62’).

Subs Not Used: Josh Saunders, Julian Valentin, Ely Allen, Bryan Jordan.

D.C. United: Louis Crayton, Bryan Namoff, Gonzalo Martinez (Ryan Cordeiro 79’), Devon McTavish, Marc Burch, Clyde Simms, Ivan Guerrero, Fred, Santino Quaranta (Rod Dyachenko 83’), Thabiso Khamalo, Luciano Emilio© (Francis Doe 87’).

Subs Not Used: Zach Wells, Mike Zaher, Quavas Kirk, Craig Thompson.

· With the win, the Galaxy are now 7-10-8 on the season, leaving them on 29 points and in a tie for fifth place in the Western Conference with the San Jose Earthquakes. Both teams are now two points behind Real Salt Lake and the Colorado Rapids for the third and final guaranteed playoff spot in the West.
· The win snaps the Galaxy’s 12-game winless streak, which had been the longest in club history. The Galaxy were 0-6-6 during the streak and were outscored 28-16, allowing two or more goals in 10 of the 12 games.
· The win is also Bruce Arena’s first career win with the Galaxy.
· Bruce Arena made one change to the team that lost 2-0 against the Kansas City Wizards last weekend, with Alan Gordon replacing Bryan Jordon in the starting XI.
· With his three goals tonight, Landon Donovan now has two hat tricks this season, tying him with Edson Buddle for the most in MLS this season.
· Donovan now has 19 goals in the season, tying him with Cobi Jones for the third-best single season goal tally in club history. Donovan now only trails Carlos Ruiz (24 goals in 2002) and Eduardo Hurtado (21 goals in 1996) for the most goals in a season for the Galaxy.
· Alan Gordon’s goal just before halftime was his fifth of the season. He is the fourth different Galaxy player this season to score five or more goals.
· Peter Vagenas goal in the 81st minute was his first goal of the season and his first for the club in MLS competition since September 30, 2006 in a 3-0 win over Chivas USA. He is the ninth different Galaxy player to score this season.
· Chris Klein started for the 110th consecutive game, extending his own MLS record. He is the only Galaxy player to appear in all 25 of the club’s games so far.
· Josh Wicks posted his first win as an MLS goalkeeper.
· Defender Eduardo Dominguez missed his second straight game while in Argentina with his wife, who gave birth to the couple’s first child on Monday.
· Joe Franchino entered the game in the 87th minute, replacing Ante Jazic. It was his first appearance since July 10, a 1-1 draw with Chivas USA. He missed the last two months with an ankle injury.
· With his 20th minute yellow card, David Beckham has now been booked four times this season. If he receives a yellow card in any of his next three games, Beckham will receive an automatic one match suspension.
· Alan Gordon also picked up his fourth booking of the year in the 56th minute, leaving him one card away from a mandatory one match ban.
· Devon McTavish’s 2nd minute goal for D.C. United was the fastest goal allowed by the Galaxy this season and tied the mark for the fourth fastest. Three times in their history the Galaxy have allowed a goal in the first minute. Before tonight they had allowed a second minute goal just once.
· The attendance for tonight’s game was a sellout of 27,000. It was the sixth consecutive home sellout for the Galaxy and their ninth in 13 home games this season.
· For more about tonight’s game, please visit
· The Galaxy are back in action at home on Thursday, September 25, 2008, when they take on the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill. The match will kick off at 6 p.m. (PT) and can be seen live on ESPN2. The match will also be available live on the radio on KWKW 1330 ESPN Deportes (Spanish) and at


charlesj27 said...

Okay, many points to share here:
1) This ref for tonight's game... Sorry, absolute whistle-blowing hog... totally disrupted the intended flow and pace of the game! And, clearly had a huge, honkin' chip on his shoulder! Sorry, this ref was NOT impartial by any means! Annoying, Upsetting, and totally "over-kill" - especially this late in the season... when plays on the field are bound to get pushy, shovy, testy, and challenging!
2) What - 'oh - what is the friggin' deal with our players and man-marking? Come on LA Galaxy players. In the 2nd minute of the game - off of a set piece??? After you guys had practiced on this during training? Come on - NO EXCUSE!!! NONE of you players can say you weren't ready and it's jitters, or something lame like that. One or two players failed to mark. They should be called out on it by Bruce & Dave and made to practice more than others during training! We are still leaking away goals from the opponents! Come on Bruce, Dave, and Trevor... Come on and grill it into these players more thoroughly and much more vehemently!!!
3) Chris Klein was off tonight... He was!!! I don't know where his mind was... but, he got out-run several times; and, several of his crosses were "BLEWHHHH". I like him; he's a very hard worker; he gives it all on the pitch... but, a 10 year veteran should do a WHOLE lot better!!! Now, on that same token, Greg Vanney got out-run too... but, I've been saying that all along. Though, I do like him in the Midfield as a Defensive Midfielder. He makes smart movements and passes when the pressure is not so great. Alan Gordon - "Boy, oh Boy!" Talk about the pace of an elephant and the touch of a "jack hammer". Gheesh, can the man miss any more scoring opportunities. All of these guys I just mentioned have to take accountability, and practice a heck of a lot more, and push themselves harder and improve. They've got to - otherwise, it becomes a threatening liability in the time of play-offs!
4) Landon was unbelievably amazing tonight. Way to go, Landon... Way to go!!! David had the fight, the heart, and the will of a tiger and a lion tonight. Bravo, David! Bravo!!! I'm so happy to know you're alright after that slip/twist you experienced tonight.
5) Landon, David, Eddie, Edson, Ante, and Josh kept us in this game and drove the rest to win! These players were solid and deserve a well-deserved applause and praise! Sean and Troy are improving. I can see that. But, they must know they've got to work much more on the coordination and recovery. Brandon, Joey, and Petey have got to keep practicing, and really get to the point of being together, fluid, connected, adn crisp. They need to time themselves better and always use their brain as well as their feet. The members are not part of starting 11 have got to put in much, much more intensive practice, training, and field play.
6) I just hope... I really hope they can carry and replicate this same level of fight, might, and intensity in all of the games left to play!!! They have to keep this fight, this urgency, and this momentum going. FIGHT!!! Push ahead!

charlesj27 said...

Keep in mind, several LA Galaxy players have accumulated four (4) yellow cards. Then again, my guess is that Chivas USA and San Jose Earthquakes have as many or much more! But, the teams we are going to play next (Chicago, Columbus, FC Dallas, Houston, and Colorado) probably don't have as many!
Man... Luciano, Thabiso, Ivan, and Santino were really putting the pressure and the speed against our team. Thabiso was blazing all over the pitch tonight for DCU.

Gabe said...

WOOOOOO! That is all.

luvbecks said...

A WIN at last. Charles I agree about the ref, One of the worst this season. Yes a huge chip on his shoulder and I don't blame Becks for telling him what he thought. Haveto say it but Donovan was good tonight and Wicks seems to have improved. Prefer him over Cronin. Don't like his attitude though. Got into it with Becks too.

Ben7 said...

3 Points!
2 fantastic assists (Klein for Donovan's 1st, and Donovan's for Petes goal)
Me = 1 Happy Camper

It was all worth it to get up in the middle of the night for the game

Can't wait for my trans-atlantic trip for the Dallas&Colorado home games!

Go G's !

charlesj27 said...

Yes, a WIN at last... It's like we cab breathe clean air again, and a good chunk of the soot & smog around our team has cleared up a bit. But, we have two Away games to face next. The first against Chicago FIRE at Toyota Park on Sept. 25th (Thursday), and then against Columbus CREW at Crew Stadium on Oct. 04th (Saturday). So, those are going to be tough, physical, loud, testy matches. I just hope all of our team members manage to stay fully healthy, fit, and ready to battle.
Personally, I don't ind it all when David is angry and testy - most of the time, it brings the magic in him. The down-side: Yellow Cards. And, a good number of our veteran players have four yellow cards. That means they are riding that uncomfortable & challenging border of how hard to battle and be physical. This is why I really believe that refs should account for the nature of the games at this time in the season... give warnings, okay... but, be much more hesitant to give yellow cards.
WOW... wait, you're actually writing down that Landon played well. HUH? Don't worry you can still rip on him when he doesn't perform well as he should. Yeah, Landon can really play well and near his best when he chooses to do so and there's a lot on the line. I just hope this is the Landon that plays the next two away games. There were some very good scoring opportunities for our LA Galaxy in this game; it could have definitely been 6 - 2, or 7 - 2. But, Eddie and Edson can tell you thatthe cross-bars and side-posts were against them in this match!
Josh Wicks is improving. Good. I am hoping he gets to find that concentration & agility zone that all excellent GKs need. Actually, to me - it's okay if the GK is confrontational and testy. As long as he does so for the right reasons. Man-marking when the opponents are delivering set-pieces is something that is mandatory & essential. And, if any player is not thwarting their man... Then, better be prepared to get an ear-full from the GK.

Glen said...

thanks for the info, much appreciated, keep up the good work!

luvbecks said...

Yes I agree it is very importantforGKs to be assertive but we sit right behind the goal near the Angel City Brigade( who are fnatastic; always positive,fun an don't get out of control) but awicks was obnoxious, unfriendly and overbearing. The incident I was referring to which was easy to miss was during the first half just after Becks slipped and appeared to hurt his ankle, there was a corner and it looked liked beckham was not going to tjake it. Wicks was yelling and pointing o him to get to the corner. becks turned around and said something back, I can only imagine ehat and made his way at his own pace to take the corner. Yes, I like it when Becks gets fired up, he has mellowed a lot since his early days with Man U. A this stage of his career though he doesn't need to go into unneccessary tackles after all that is a 500 million body he is carying around. As for Donovan can't argue with the goals he scored ,that is what he does but there were long periods when he was invisible. He has flashes of brilliance but still looks confused mostof the time. Yeah 2 difficult road games coming up, why do they do this stupid schedule, but this is MLS and any team can win on a given day.

luvbecks said...

Dallas are ahead 3-0 at Chicago right now so looks like Galaxy move down a place again. Look on the bright side if Dallas can do it so can Galaxy.
Why is n't this thing real time it so annoying!

charlesj27 said...

Well, LA Galaxy fans... unfortunately for us, FC Dallas shot-up Chicago FIRE w/ a testy, shove-match that saw Schellas Hyndmann's side ride over Dennis Hamlett's side with a 4 - 1 victory. This game had all teh combative Brazilians out on the pitch for FC Dallas. And, they made sure that the midfield was clogged up & in chaos so that Kenny Cooper, Jeff Cunningham, and Bruno Guardia can mop up and feed off the the flying loose balls. Chicago's able defense desparate tried to hold back the offensive from FC Dallas... but, FC Dallas's scheme of stretching out their defense worked every now & then. This means once again we sit at the bottom, tied in 6th place! I'm telling you, LA Galaxy fans... NO ONE - I repeat, NO ONE is going to do us any favors. Our battle into the play-offs is completely going to depend on how more stronger, more combative, more hungry, and more prepared we are to over take our opponents. Bruce, Dave, and Cobi have got to tell our team to stop making errors & mistakes in the defensive plays! Our team has to play with incredible focus and concentration in all of the rest of the matches coming up. None of the Western Conference teams is going to allow us to breathe and squiggle on by. Our players must be ready to battle. I hope the coaches can make this team be ready and fully realize how important the rest of the season is!!!

the fan said...

Hi Luvbecks..nice that you love him, I love him too! ;)'s my thoughts:

"Yes, I like it when Becks gets fired up, he has mellowed a lot since his early days with Man U."

What do you mean by "since his early days with Man U"??? Are you saying that during his peak time at Man U and his last days there he wasn't fired up? He helped them to get at least THREE Premier League titles in his last five years - including the 2003's. And while he's in RM, he was their best player in his debut season, and player of the season in 2005 not to mention the most assisting player in the league for 2 seasons.

"A this stage of his career though he doesn't need to go into unneccessary tackles after all that is a 500 million body he is carying around."

I don't think that's the right attitude to go. It's because he's still wiling to go into tackles and fight for the ball no matter what that makes him the player worth of 500 mil today! And do you think that Capello will ever called him back to England if he wasn't the player he is today? (or as you seen in this game?) Okay maybe he was better before than today. But still..

I'm not criticizing you or anything like that..I just feel the need to correct you a bit on your approach of him. Anyway, good for you that you could go to the game. I'm jealous, really! Cheers! ;D

luvbecks said...

Hi fan, That was not mesnt to be a critism of Becks. I think he is a great player and makes those around him look great(Donovan!!!!). I agree about Real he came back and saved them in his last season there. I have watched live every game he has played at HDC and yes he just tackle but most of all he just positions himself. I recently watched a game at Man U when he was ayoung player with long blonde hair. His game then was totally different. He has matured, he does not need to tackle evrything on the field. When he does get a little upset I love seeing the fire. When he slipped and seem to injure his ankle our hearts dropped. After the incident in midfield where his ankes were kicked and he chased the ref if you were watching the ankle injury appeared to go away. Adrenaline???? I love Becks so do all the female members of my family and the others truly respect him but he does pull away from some tackles and I don't blame him. A health Becks is worht far more to all than winning a couple of tackles and being on the side lines. Do you remember him jumping over the ball in the WC in 2002 leading to Brazils goal and ultimately to England's exit. Anyway you are preaching to the choir. If he just showed up and stood around to us he would still be the greatest player. Don't know where youar butt just get on a plane and come watch a game.

Anonymous said...

I told you the last time when the Galaxy won, not to get ahead of ourselves. Beckham just stands on either side of the field and HE DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE, has not and will not make a difference in the galaxy team. 250 million...250 million......250,000,000.00 and the galaxy still suck, excluding Donovan.The way Beckham was sold to us was that he was going to destroy any opponent and that the galaxy would be a team to worry about. what a joke... If you can't make good decisions about "futbol" keep playing soccer.
I am so disappointed and angry and laughing.