Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ready to Go at Arrowhead

The teams are out on the field for pregame warmups at Arrowhead Stadium, with kickoff just about 30 minutes away. The Chiefs host the Raiders here tomorrow so the yard lines and endzones are all painted, but the weather seems to have held so far and the field looks good.

Tune in to FSN Prime Ticket to catch the 'Galaxy Live' pregame show and let Jim Watson and Mark Rogondino get you ready for kickoff.

Here's the lineup that Bruce and Co. are going with this afternoon.






Subs: Saunders, Valentin, Randolph, Pires, Vagenas, Tudela, Gordon.

Eduardo Dominguez is not with the club, having returned to Argentina to be with his wife, who is scheduled to give birth to the couple's first child on Monday.

Lastly, Josh Saunders will wear the #22 shirt, which was last worn by Mike Graczyk, who was the Galaxy's backup goalkeeper last weekend against Real Salt Lake.


Anonymous said...

glad Jordan gets another game, hope for a win somehow...

cheers for all the recent updates/videos/audios/pictures and reports.


charlesj27 said...

Nice to have all of the guys back. Again, great line-up & formation put out by Bruce and Dave. Good lord, those NFL lines on the pitch are so BOLD & LOUD!!! My eyes are going blurry trying to focus on the soccer ball that's contantly spinning & skipping on the wet pitch! David has been a fire-bomb ont he pitch... David watch those tackeles; the ref is being generous. Landon - classic... having a little fun with trying to settle the flying ball with the hand... And, he got caought - obviously. So, at half-time the score is 0 - 0. Both teams are playing with great energy and spirit. Good. Our shape and formation holding has been so much better with Bruce and Dave training the guys. A couple of slip-ups; but, I suspect the wet, slick pitch and thick bold white lines are messing with player's thought processes. If our guys can manage the posession and control and have Landon, Edson, Bryan try & break out, I believe we should get lucky - I hope !

charlesj27 said...

I have to give serious props' to Josh Wicks. He is doing a phenomenal job at communicating with his defenders and helping them out tremendously. Troy is a bit better today - but, I fear he may not be able to keep that "90 minutes + Match Focus & Attention" that was outlined as a key to winning this game. Come on guys - show everyone that you can win & do it with conviction!!!

luvbecks said...

"Both teams are playing with great energy and spirit. Good. Our shape and formation holding has been so much better" What are you smoking? I want some of that. worse than a couple of pub teams. At least watching a pub team you have roast beef and Yorkshire pud and a good pint to look forward to. Still llove you though Becks but don't know why you were played out of position.