Monday, September 15, 2008

Jeremy Barlow Added Before Roster Freeze Deadline

The Galaxy added one new face to the roster in the hours before today's roster freeze deadline, signing midfielder Jeremy Barlow to the Developmental roster. Barlow, who was drafted by Houston in the fourth round of the SuperDraft and then traded to D.C. United, played in eight Reserve Division games for the club, scoring once, before being waived last month.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Barlow will join the club in training on Tuesday and will be available for selection starting on Saturday night against his former club.

Originally born in San Francisco, Barlow will wear the #20 shirt. He takes the roster spot that was made available when Michael Gavin was placed on the club's Disabled List.


charlesj27 said...

I appreciate the updates provided to us with respect to new additions. Thanks. However, can we please know if Vardan and Scott are actually "penned" in as LA Galaxy defenders that we can utilize. Meaning - they do not have to go back to Portland Timbers???
I am getting pelted at work today at how awfula nd lame our LA Galaxy have performed these past few months. Everbody is asking why this organization couldn't manage to keep the Dutch coach that brought out "exciting", "dramatic" soccer in the beginning of the season. I am so beaten up and depressed inside - I just stayed silent and had a blank, battered look on my face the whole day. I cannot understand why we are holding onto to players who cannot put out 110 - 120 % of pure, driven, athletic spirit to win games for theirselves, for their pride and for their organization that sustains them. It's just not explainable... the shame and sickness that is the style and motto of this team. These players are too babied... too soft... too out-of-touch to even acknowledge how bad it is for all of us fans. I cannot understand why the coaches are not pissed off and fuming... I cannot understand this "laissez faire" attitude!

Ben7 said...

Cheers for the update

How can LA have 11 Dev players with the limit being 10 ?

Anonymous said...

The missing piece to the puzzle.
what a joke.

Anonymous said...

Barlow? Didn't he used to be on Corrie?