Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ready to Fight the Fire

We trained in Chicago today, or Bridgeview specifically, on the Fire's training field in the shadows of Toyota Park.

There was a police driving training session going on in one of the parking lots next to the training field with police cars swerving and screeching all over the place, but the real noise was on the field as the guys made the final preparations ahead of tomorrow night's game, which can be seen live on ESPN2, starting with the pregame show at 6 p.m., with the game starting at 6:30.

A number of the guys addressed the media after today's session and we spoke with a few others, so here is what they had to say.

Be sure to check out the pictures after the audio.







charlesj27 said...

Great audio snippets, again. Thanks, guys. I appreciated the frankness / candor that these individuals had. I, especially, appreciated the honesty and "point-blank" answers from Landon. That was refreshing. I know that the veterans know what needs to be done; but, has it truly sunk in (or engrained in their daily routine that it's gotta be WINS - otherwise, it will blow up in their faces). I hope... Again, I sincerely hope that all of the players have that deep drive, passion, confidence, and sreaming desire to absolutely win inside of them. I guarantee Chicago players will come out with such blockades and forces - that our LA Galaxy will have no chance to rest or re-adjust. Our mentality must be to strike hard, repeatedly and put in crosses and balls from all corners. And, our Center Mid to Backline have got to hold the line firm, tight, and responsive!!! Tomorrow will be a very tough and challenging night for Josh. Keep all of your focus, energy, actions & thoughts fully honed, ready, and alert. Be strong. Be prepared. Be invincible!

charlesj27 said...

Chicago back-line of Prideaux, Soumare, Conde, Segares will do their utmost best to stop all incoming plays. Do NOT fear, guys... They want us to break our shape, our formation, our strength, and feel lost on the pitch. But, do NOT let them! Our LA Galaxy players keep the shape, keep the repeated pressure, charge ahead! Every wall manuever has a breaking point - and, they will have theirs. Every seam also has a crack. Our players will find, penetrate and exploit! Keep sharp; Be strong; Be repeatedly attacking! Josh will have a tough night tomorrow. Our backline will keep tight, very together, studied, confident... and, always communicating. Our back-line must hold! Blanco, Thorrington, and Mapp (if playing) will do everything possible to steal, to fall, to draw penalties and fouls. Stay alert! Stay sharp! Stay focused! Our job is to always repeatedly attack and make them break down. Remember, FC Dallas was able to break them down. It is possible!!!

charlesj27 said...

And, thanks for these pics! Again, it is so good to see healthy, training, alert, and learning players. Our LA Galaxy team must be in full battle mode!!! Do not let down at all! We have two very tough games; Away games. We need to do well!