Friday, September 5, 2008

Five Minutes with Bryan Jordan

As you all know already, Bryan Jordan was back with the Galaxy this week, training here for the first time since his month long loan assignment to the Portland Timbers. Jordan helped spark the Timbers from near the bottom of the USL standings up to eighth place, one point off the final playoff spot.

Now that he is back in LA, he will hope to have a similar impact here.

We caught up with him to talk about his first week with Bruce Arena, his time with the Timbers and his goals for the rest of the year.


charlesj27 said...

Very good audio piece of Bryan Jordan. The one major (outstanding) trait of Bryan is that he's willing to work hard, play hard, be that spot/target player on the pitch. And, I am glad that Cobi & Chris are spending considerable time with him... it will help immensely in his total breadth as a soccer player. I wish the best for you, Bryan... Get out there are and give it your best... it's good to have you back in LA.

lgald said...

Hey Charlesj27,
Start a post for tonights game! Check it, I'm peeping Chivas vs Toronto and they're up in the 77th minute 2-1 w/o Sasha, granted they do have Ante Razov and Mendoza, Galindo has been out for awhile and they may pull out a win. I feel Galaxy still has offensive power, sheeeee-ahhht...Buddle has to kick it up a notch but I think we can get them even tho Landon is smoking some cuban cigars. Oh yeah, I like the our new goalie, lets see how he does !! GO GALAXY !!

charlesj27 said...

Come on LA Galaxy players - Come on and reach in... PLAY w/ CONCENTRATION, FIGHT, ACCURACY, CLEVERNESS... Do NOT give up!!! We need to win this!!!

Anonymous said...

Bryan Jordan is a wonderful man and a very sexy soccer player. i LOVE bryan jordan!!!!!!!!!!