Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kansas City Here We Come

We're off to Kansas City tomorrow morning, so to get ready for Saturday's game, check out our latest video recapping the 2-2 draw with RSL and looking ahead to Saturday's match.

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charlesj27 said...

It is definitely good to see all of the players (for the most part) that LAG have to be on the field practicing, scrimmaging, running, learning, etc. I just hope that all of them can maintain their fitness, their top health, and their endurance. These games towards the end of the season are goign to be tough, challenging, and very physical from opposing teams. It'll be very good to see David, Ante, Landon, and Eddie again.
Question: Is Vardan & Scott still training with the whole team? Are they going to be joining other players on the trip to KC? They too have to keepo their match fitness, training, practicing along with the rest of the team. Players have to practice and scrimmage together as often as they can!