Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in Business

Bruce and the boys were back on the field today as the preparations are officially underway for Saturday's game in Kansas City.

-- Joe Franchino and Alvaro Pires were both back in training today after working with John Ireland over the last couple of days.

-- Tristan Bowen is still training, as is Vardan Adzemian, Scott Bolkan and Mike Graczyk, all of whom are expected to be with the club all week long.

-- Ante, David, Eddie and Landon will all be in action on Wednesday with their national teams. Ante and Canada play Mexico in Chiapas (6 p.m. Telemundo), David and England are in Croatia while Eddie and Landon are with the U.S. for their first home qualifier of the round against Trinidad and Tobago at Toyota Park in Chicago (5 p.m. ESPN2 and Galavision).

-- Three players who played a pivotal role in past Galaxy glory will face the club in Kansas City colors this weekend, with Kevin Hartman, Sasha Victorine and the newly-acquired Herculez Gomez all now calling K.C. home. However, of the 28 players currently on the Galaxy roster, only Alan Gordon and Peter Vagenas played with all three.

Here are a few shots from today's session...

Franchino and Alvaro were back in training today.

Mike Graczyk is still with the club as a MLS Pool Goalkeeper. He is expected to be available for selection in Kansas City on Saturday.

Bruce gives instructions to some of the squad.

While Dave does the same at the other end of the field.

We also caught up with Edson and Troy to get a feel for what they were thinking ahead of Saturday's game.



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charlesj27 said...

Thanks very much for the training session updates. I cannot tell you how important... how vitally critical it is to have a near full, fit, prepared, trained, practiced squad as we get closer into the latter part of the season. If I'm not mistaken, LAG only has seven (7) more games left in the 2008 season. Only seven more. And, the LAG absolutely needs six (6) wins to make it into the play-offs!!! As a die-hard fan I am so filled with anxiety over this. I do wish nothing but the best for our guys, for this club & its fans. But, we have such strong opponents to face from here on out. I really hope that Bruce, Dave, and Cobi are educating, correcting, insisting, and making them practice very hard for what needs to happen. I am also glad to know that Vardan, Scott, and hopefully Bryan are still training very hard with this team. How are they adjusting? (Scott & Vardan, I mean...) It is very good to see Joey, Alvaro, and Brandon out there practicing with the team again. How is Eduardo taking the instructions and education from Bruce and Dave? I can only truly hope that this team is getting much more improved and stronger. Again, let me re-iterate... the opponents that LAG will now face are some of the best in the league... our guys have got to be very alert, steady, ready!!!
On a different note:
Ante & Canadian national team will face a very tough match against Mexico. I hope it goes okay?
David and the English national team will face an even tougher match; Croatia is known for the quickness and attack. Croatia will try their best to wear out the English team. Good luck!
USA must play this game as smartly and as opportunistically as the their previous matches. However, I have a feeling T&T are going to be very prepared for the US. Do well, guys!!!