Monday, September 22, 2008

Player of the Week Up For Goal of the Week

Landon's first goal from Saturday night's win has been nominated as the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week. Go here to vote for LD and give him his second Goal of the Week award of the season.

We just heard that he has won the Player of the Week award for the fourth time this season. We may be partial, but it really couldn't have been a contest this week. This is the ninth time in his career that Landon has won the Player of the Week award, tying an MLS record.

So Landon now has one award this week, now it's up to you to make it a perfect two for two with the Goal of the Week.


charlesj27 said...

Congrats to Landon for winning another POTW award. I've did my best to the Sierra Mist GOTW and vote for Landon. But, Robbie Roger's goal is taking lead at present. Landon put out an excellent performance against DC United. That is the Landon we all wished and hoped to see. Landon can be an attacking tiger when he chooses to do so. I just hope that we have all of our best players for the rest of the season and into the play-offs (if we are miraculously lucky). I really want LA Galaxy to play as fierce, as strong, as attacking as they had against DC United. Our LA Galaxy are facing tough & rough games from here on out. I hope all of our coaches see that, understand that, and pushing & preparing the team for that reality. Landon, David, Eddie, Edson, Alan, Bryan, Izzy - you guys are teh fire-power, the offense, the blasting rockets that we must have adn rely on into the closing of this season. Come on... please find it in yourselves to harness the strength, the energy, the will, and the drive to make our team push and forge ahead. On the defenseive side: Chris, Troy, Sean, Ante, Greg, Alvaro, Eduardo. It's up to all of your communication, your togetherness, your cohesiveness, and smartness to thwart and hold back our opponents. Remember, it takes a full, concentrated, alert, defensively powerful 90+ minutes to keep a game at a WIN; sadly, only a moment's errors / lapses to LOSE. The defensive middle and back must be strong & responsible to thwart, to hold, to push away, adn re-direct all in-coming attacks. Playing at Chicago and Columbus is going to really test you guys. You guys have got to play very fierce, strong, and compelled.

Lgald said...

Heard rumors that Landon might be heading for Europe, can anyone verify?

Anonymous said...

Hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charlesj27 said...

At present, I am treating rumors of Landon's interests to play in Europe as just that... Rumors. Is it the right time for Landon to go abroad? My answer, "YES, most definitely. He finally has more maturity, more genuine idea of what to expect, and a way to prove himself in higher (more challenging, tactically) to prove himself. I just hope he goes to a club that will always play him; and, lets him play with other players that feed balls into his running path. This is one of the reasons he is doing so well here with us at the LA Galaxy. He gets good feed-in balls from David, Eddie, Chris, and Pete. This is why his goals scored this season has gone up. But, he will quickly find (if indeed he gets the MLS-Okay, a hefty contract from Bayern Munich) that Bundesliga has a lot of physically strong, taller players that are not shy nor afraid to run into him and foul him. We'll see how his professionalism and fortitude is then. American players, especially, have to really work hard and earn their respect in Premier leagues in Europe. And, honestly speaking, he better go now while in his mid-to-late 20s than later. Just my two-cents worth.

Justin said...

Yes the rumors are true he might, they have came right from Landon's mouth. Now if he actually does make the move that is something no one knows right now.