Thursday, September 25, 2008

On the Field and Ready To Go at Toyota Park

The lineups are in, and the Galaxy's starting XI has a familiar feel. Bruce and Co. will go with the same lineup from last week, when the club beat D.C. United, 5-2, at The HDC.

Here's who the Galaxy will go with against the Fire.






Subs: Saunders, Valentin, Franchino, Vagenas, McDonald, Allen and Jordan


charlesj27 said...

Sorry, guys - but, it would be a pure dung-laden lie to say that the playing has gotten better. I cannot believe what is being played on the field. Absolute pathetic display of soccer. The coaches should be throwing up all night after seeing this crap. Nasty - Nasty soccer. Unbelievable. Whay are these sorry players even in the MLS? I have no sympathy at all for what I witnessed tonight. YUCK!!!

does it matter said...

And what else is new?? Absolute horrible goal keeping to allow the 2nd goal, why in the world would you come outand leave an empty net when Blanco is on the attack? WOW! And the 3rd goal was just bad defending. But I figured that the Galaxy would do their usual, which is a half hearted attempt, no ball movement, half hearted passes. Anyways, maybe next year we can make the playoff's cause this season is toast.

charlesj27 said...

The coaches should be absolutely yelling, disgusted, painfully mad, and fuming! This is such a poor, poor team. SICK!!! YUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

this team sucks i cant believe we have fallen so far. Please, some one help us out of this gutter

luvbecks said...

Charles where did your enthusiasm go. This by your own admission is your team. In sickness and in health ???????