Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the Field and Ready for D.C.

The lineups are in as the Galaxy look to snap their 12-game winless streak tonight at The HDC.

Here is the lineup that Bruce and Co. will put out there in search of three all-important points.






Subs: Saunders, Valentin, Franchino, Vagenas, McDonald, Allen and Jordan


Anonymous said...

c'mon...1 to 1 now!!

charlesj27 said...

Good line-up of the veteran LA Galaxy players! I am sure that having three or four full days of training together is a big, big plus also! The guys must be itching to get a win. I know that we all are as fans! Every LA Galaxy player (young & old, veteran or rookie) must fully commit to his role on the team, on the pitch, in training, in fitness, and especially towards each other in bringing solid, tangible results!To this end they must continue to accpet learning, hard work, exercises, and improving levels of play. All of the coaches has to... has to hold every player accountable for his own performances. No exceptions. The players have to know what they need to do, and, they've got to do it without complaints and gripes.