Friday, May 21, 2010

This Week Inside the Galaxy: 2010-Episode 9

In this week's episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy, look back as the club remains unbeaten with a 1-0 win at FC Dallas, cactch up with Bruce ahead of his trip to Madrid for the Champions League Final and look ahead to Sunday's friendly with Boca Juniors.


Anonymous said...

Love Mike Magee

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charlesj27 said...

Thanks for another good TWIG feature. I'm glad that our players are able to focus more on the game at hand, their concentration, efforts, tactics, and eventual contribution. I know our team does not have the two most contributing players as far as assists and goals on paper/record right now - but, the team and the league still have games and have to continue on. I'm very glad to see that some our young players are back (in Sean & Tristan), but - also our experienced players (in Eddie and Chris K)... Really, all of them have to play very well together and everyday on practice field make the solid efforts to contribute when it's game-time. Wish the team lots of luck against Boca Juniors tomorrow!