Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Players React to 1-0 win in Colorado

We;ll have more from the locker room tomorrow, but for now, here is some initial postgame reaction from Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena
On the game…

“Give Colorado a lot of credit, they pushed us really hard to get the goal and even up the game. Both teams played very well. It’s really good to get a win on the road in Denver, it’s never easy. I told Edson (Buddle) he could have had nine goals tonight. I think Pickens made some pretty good saves. I was pleased with our performance.”

“You know the home team is going to come hard at you, especially as they were trailing. We needed to be patient and do the defending that is necessary and look to get the second goal. Give Colorado credit, they pushed to get that goal.”

“I think (Omar) Cummings was real dangerous in the first half. In the second half, we did a little bit of a better job on him.”

Galaxy forward Landon Donovan
On the game…
“We did a good job of dictating the game, which was smart. We played the way we need to play on the road against a team that plays well at home and has the advantage of altitude, field size and crowd. We limited them to a few good chances.”

“It’s hard to play here, even if you’re fit, it’s still a challenge. Colorado has a big advantage of training here every day. That’s why it’s so special to come here and win. We haven’t done it in a long time and I’m very proud of us. We got tired but we pushed through and we did very well.”

Galaxy forward Alan Gordon
On his game winning goal…
“Maybe they were looking for a shot but they definitely weren’t covering me. We played a good ball, I was lucky to get a head on it and win it. We know we have some big boys, so we concentrate on doing our free kicks well and it worked out.”

Galaxy forward Edson Buddle
On Conor Casey…
“He’s a good player to watch if you want to learn some things, he is a good example. I like Conor’s game; I like him as a person as well.”

On playing at altitude…
“It’s a little rough playing in altitude. But we came in late last night and I think it helped. We did win, so we aren’t going to complain about the altitude.”

Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith

On the game…

“I thought they were the better team in the first half and mounted some good pressure in the opening 20 minutes. But for us to concede from a dead ball again was a disappointment. I thought we created some absolutely fabulous opportunities. I think to come out in the second half and to dominate the way we did showed a lot of character from the group. We showed the quality of possession we had displayed the last several weeks. The big difference from this week from last was we created some fabulous chances. Unfortunately today, we couldn’t force on. And in a game where one goal can make a big difference, their one has gotten the three points.”

Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens

On the game…

“We can’t dwell on this one, but it is a really hard loss when you look at how much we put into it. We were able to play our game. I think if it wasn’t for the way we started; it would have been a different result.”

“The game comes down to the finest detail like a set piece that went against us again. It is a very small margin, but we need to correct that. We need to put on emphasis on correcting these small things so we can get something from these games.”

Rapids defender Drew Moor

On Alan Gordon’s goal…

“I think they were a little bit overloaded on the back post. I think (Omar) Gonzalez came in really late and we didn’t adjust to it quick enough and made a quick switch which left Gordon open. We had plenty of time once the foul was called to get in position. It (goals from set pieces) is just something that is haunting us right now.”

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This season has been going so well - it's awesome! Keep it up guys :)