Friday, May 7, 2010

Galaxy Complete Preparation for Showdown in Seattle

The Galaxy's tour of Pac 10 football stadiums continued this morning as the team completed a light workout at Husky Stadium on the campus of the University of Washington. In the last three and a half years, the Galaxy have played or trained at the Coliseum (home of USC), the Rose Bowl (home of UCLA), Sun Devil Stadium (home of Arizona State) and now Husky Stadium (home of the University of Washington).

Looks like a trip to places like Tuscon, Berkeley, Stanford, Corvallis, Eugene or Pullman will have to be added to get the Galaxy halfway to a clean sweep of the conference.

Returning to more important matters, the team went through a light workout on the field as they continued their recovery from Wednesday's game while also preparing for tomorrow's battle with the Sounders. With three games in eight days like the stretch the Galaxy are about to complete, it is just as important to keep the players fresh and healthy as it is to work on all of the drills and games that you go through during a regular week.

With that in mind, the team was on the field for just more than an hour today, doing much of their customary day before a game prep work, as well as some 5v2 drills, crossing and finishing and recovery work.
We caught up with Clint Mathis, who has appeared in each of the last two games for the Galaxy, after the session to see what he had to say going into the game.
And don't forget to watch the latest episode of This Week Inside the Galaxy for even more thoughts from the locker room going into tomorrow's game.

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That man really is old school. Copa Mundials and all!