Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reaction to 0-0 Draw with Kansas City

We'll have more later from tonight's game, but here are a few short soundbites from Bruce, Landon in Gregg from after tonight's game.


On the game
"It was a very ugly game in a difficult venue. No surprise that it was going to look like that. I think the conditions were magnified (because of the field). It was a difficult, ugly game. We knew that coming in, and we knew that when you leave."

On the play of Donovan Ricketts in goal
"Donovan (Ricketts) had a good night. He had a couple shots that he did a good job not giving up a rebound. He was in a good position to do well there. It was apparent that it was going to be a low scoring game, a one-goal game. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish it off. We were fortunate, obviously, in the first half that there was a player with a handball with the goal. That's the kind of game we anticipated it was going to be here."


On the game
"I thought we played okay. We're disappointed a little bit in ourselves because we know we can play better."

On his opportunity late in the second half
"I got a good clearance. Someone cleared the ball well and did a great job putting the ball in position and I couldn't quite pull away from the defenders."


On his season debut
"I glad to get back with the team. I've been out for a while. You always have to worry about your fitness in the first game and getting a result. Our team has won four games in a row, but I think holding on for a tie is a positive. We got on the road, and we got a point. It was good that we didn't give up any goals."

On the handball negating a goal for Kansas City
"It was unbelievable. It was one of the most unbelievable things I've seen in soccer. It was unfortunate for Kamara but it was a handball and credit the linesman for seeing it."


Anonymous said...

How can bruce play stephens he sucks

Chris said...'re dumb. And nobody makes fun of you.

charlesj27 said...

Honestly, as ugly and unbearable as the game was to actually sit down and watch, our LAG players did a heck of a job walking away from a wet, damp, cramped, "ring-side" court with a point (NO GOALS ALLOWED). And, that's absolutely fine by me. Because, I have seen enough past seasons to know how this team fared of the past. This is a LONG season... Most experienced players and coaches know full-well that what matter is the standings when it gets closer to September. MLS has still got another four(4) full months before we need to worry about standings. In the mean time, allow our coaches to spend the time they need with ALL players to make sure every one of them are responsible for continuous playing time, to be in substitute rotations, participate in plenty of instruction on tactics, positioning, timing, and passing, taking part in plenty of drills & scrimmages... in the end, that's what's going to translate into a formidable and hard-to-break down team.