Saturday, April 10, 2010

Academy Tour Ends with Win and Loss at West Ham

Cameron Souri had a hat trick and three others added solo tallies as the Galaxy U-16 squad claimed their second straight win, defeating West Ham 6-2.

The U-18s were not as fourtunate as they fell behind 3-0 inside the game's opening 25 minutes en route to a 5-0 defeat.

The team will now make their way over to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinal between Chelsea and Aston Villa.

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charlesj27 said...

Way to go, Cameron. Awesome! I'm sure your dad & mom are proud! Sucks about the U-18 games' defeats. But, it shouldn't be a negative on them. In a country like England, where football (soccer) is a revered sport - by the time a teenager makes it into the U-18s... they're pretty much gearing themselves up for a professional track / career in football (soccer). Plus, the teenagers there may have already had way more games + consistent, repetitive instructions/corrections. Our U-18s at this stage need the hard-core guidance, positive repetitions, plus plenty of strategy and tactics on practice field. I'm hoping that their coach is giving them all of that. I hope so!