Monday, April 5, 2010

More Photos from Sunday

Here are some more shots from the Academy training sessions at Everton and their visit to Goodison Park...
The Galaxy Academy began their Easter with an intensive training session at Everton's Academy training complex.

The U-18's train at Finch Farm.

U-18 goalkeeper Vince Paldino starts the attack during training.

Galaxy U-16 players listen to direction from Everton Academy coach Paul Harris.

Academy players pose outside the entrance to Everton's Academy at Finch Farm.

What the players see as they approach Goodison Park for the first time.

Fans begin to file into Goodison Park ahead of Sunday's game with West Ham.

A view from the inside the stadium.

Most of the Everton fans were not content with the 2-2 draw...

... but the Galaxy Academy players soaked up every bit of atmosphere that they could on the day as they enjoyed the game from the front of the stadium's second level, just above the West Ham supporters.

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