Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wheels Up, Wheels Down; Ready to Roll in Seattle

After today's training session the guys all made their way over to LAX for this afternoon's flight to Seattle. The rash of delays caused by an FAA computer glitch had no effect on the team's charter flight up here to Seattle, with the guys all boarding the plane in good spirits under sunny skies.

A variety of snacks, sandwiches, water and Gatorade awaited the guys on board, but most were content to read a book or catch a few hours of sleep on the way up to the Emerald City.

Three hours later, we were on the ground and straight from the plane to the bus which would take us over to the team's hotel.

Raul Vargas and Igor Pierra from the club's equipment staff made sure that all the bags made it from one mode of transportation to the other, while many of the guys did what they do on all bus trips, play cards.

Once at the hotel, all the guys received their room keys and signed a number of items for the league while also picking up a gift bag that included and MLS Cup scarf, beanie, rain jacket and pin. That was it for the guys who all headed off to dinner and then back into their rooms and out of the wet, cold Seattle night.

The work continues tomorrow with the club's first practice in Seattle and won;t stop until late in the Washington night on Sunday.

One final note, Alecko might be up here in Seattle with us now, but you can catch him join Sounders owner Drew Carey on The Price is Right on Friday morning. In an episode that was taped a few weeks ago, Eskandarian helps to give one lucky Showcase winner an unbelievable trip to MLS Cup. Be sure to tune in to CBS tomorrow morning (10 a.m. in LA) to see who the lucky winner will be.


Katrina Letourneau - Military Spouse said...

It's really nice that LA Galaxy CANCELLED their trip to Germany...effectively giving the American Men and Women in Uniform and their Families a big middle finger!! Most of the attendees that had bought tickets at 45 euros a pop were Americans stationed here in Kaiserslautern. Never mind that the team was supposed to visit wounded Soldiers in the American Military Hospital here. WTG for being money hungry and proving it LA Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Katrina, if you would have read correctly...
“We are very disappointed to announce the cancellation of our 2009 Postseason Tour due to a lack of communication and performance by the tour’s organizer and promoter IMC Group, Inc. Unfortunately, IMC Group Inc has not performed their obligations of the agreement thus far, nor do we have faith that they will be able to do so in the future.”

It's the promoter, not the LA Galaxy. Why is that there is always someone trying to put the LA Galaxy down. I as a season ticket holder owe the front office and the organization a great deal of respect for what they have done to turn around the team and our experience. It would have been great for the team to travel for Post-season, but others cannot get there act together to accommodate and create a good environment for the Galaxy and fans, then the organization have my support to cancel because of others mistakes and lack of work ethic.

Let's go Galaxy! See u Sunday!!! I hope that the representatives of the sales staff, customer service, marketing, PR, community relations, and every other department get to enjoy this great game and season, they've earned it as much as the team has, looking forward to next year.

A Very Happy Season Ticket Holder :)

Anonymous said...

I believe there currently is a travel advisary for Americans that was just issued a couple of days ago. I don't know if that is the reason or not.

Sara said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. They look so good, and of course Becks is the most stylish one, as usual, the man just has it.

Oh and Katrina, i think you are way unfair. LAG didnt just canceal for no apparent reason, it was explained why it came to it, and its the organizer IMCs fault for being so unprofessional!!

However i understand your frustration, it is truly unfortunate that it came to this, specially because they planned to visit to visit the wounded soldiers.

Suzie Sateri said...

Yeah! I am so excited I found this blog! How fun!:)