Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Postseason Tour Cancelled

With spirits high as the club prepares for their first MLS Cup since 2005, it is with much disappointment that Tom Payne, the Galaxy's President of Business Operations, is forced to issue this statement regarding the Galaxy's now cancelled postseason tour of Germany.

“We are very disappointed to announce the cancellation of our 2009 Postseason Tour due to a lack of communication and performance by the tour’s organizer and promoter IMC Group, Inc. Unfortunately, IMC Group Inc has not performed their obligations of the agreement thus far, nor do we have faith that they will be able to do so in the future.”

“With MLS Cup 2009 this weekend in Seattle, we feel that it is important to make this decision now and remove the potential distractions to our team, rather than continue to hold out hope that the tour will indeed take place.”

“These matches were to be a great way to conclude the year and we looked forward to playing two excellent matches against top German teams and in front of the great fans in Germany. I certainly understand that many fans will be disappointed not to see the Galaxy on tour, but we look forward to one day being able to play on German soil. We regret this decision but were left with no other choice.”


Alison said...

Wow, that's really too bad :( I'm sure the guys were looking forward to it...but if things were not being handled well, then it seems like the right decision was made.

It's ok - they'll be able to stay home and enjoy being MLS Cup winners :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'd consider this to be a blessing in disguise.

I was shocked to hear the press releases about the team's itinerary while on military bases visiting the troops...what days they would be be where, etc...what idiot leaked that information out?

Anonymous said...

well if Germany won't work, why not England or Italy?

Anonymous said...

Go figure another let down for our troops. Just hope they can get their money back from IMC Group.
Thanks IMG!

I great team IMG Group and Ben Johnson teamed up. What a great combo a pair of dead beat cheaters.

Anonymous said...

Did they not realize this was going to be the big game. Every single person on the military base that loves soccer was going to this game. I got my tickets along with many of my friends as soon as they came out. Many have asked for that day specifically off and many of the German stores were just going to simply be closed. There were people coming from all around Germany to see this game. I have to say that we are all disappointed and that this was not fair. There is no reschedule being planned. What are we suppose to do now. How can you take that away from us. There was no reason to cancel.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are very disappointed! We all dutifully bought tickets, this would have been my and my kids very first big time soccer game, spent a lot of money and now it is gone, oh and I ordered a whole bunch of LA Galaxy to wear to the game from your fan shop, IT WILL BE COMING BACK!

Anonymous said...

Well if you people wanna see a real big game and "real" soccer with fans, please come visit our game in kaiserslautern against bielefeld in two weeks. We will need every supporter, bielefeld is first rank we are second. That's where you can see true emotion and real soccer with good players.

Anonymous said...

I am diappointed. I was looking forward to seeing how the Galaxy would do against them if these Matches were on tv or cable tv. It would have been interesting to see how The Galaxy would have done. Hopefully they cane work something out to play another European team!

Anonymous said...

What a way to ruin our holidays... My husband and I reserved the tickets and were looking forward to seeing 1FCK go against LA Galaxy. To see two great teams fight it out to the finish. We specifically planned out our time off to go enjoy this game.
Thanks IMC for ruining any hopes we had of enjoying our Thanksgiving overseas... :/

Anonymous said...

How do we get our money back? What a way to ruin things for the military community.

Andrea said...

As an army with with a husband in Iraq, I don't have much to look forward to these days. The holidays are particularly hard, but I was so excited about going to this game and having a reason to not feel so lonely on Thanksgiving. So much for showing support for military families. I hope I at least get a refund.

Jeanne said...

"Organizational Hitches"! You not only cancelled an opportunity that had a large
population of the American Military joining it's German neighbors in a day of
joy, you cheated my daughter out of the only birthday present she wanted this
year, one week before the game was supposed to happen! Selfish, very selfish!
"We regret this decision but were left with no other choice" - you had a choice
- you could have, and should have come!