Monday, November 9, 2009

[UPDATE] More Highlights and More Reactions

You all were in the crowd last night to provide the passion, energy and atmosphere.

We were on the field and in the locker room to provide the insight and get behind the scenes to the win.

Here is what the guys had to say.

También te presentamos este resumen del partido en español por parte de él periódico Hoy/We also want to share with with you this recap of the game done by Hoy Newspaper.



Anonymous said...

lol. Mike Magee is so funny and cute. Im so happy for the Galaxy. I cant wait till Friday. Go Galaxy!!

Alison said...

LOL - poor Mike! Sure hope he's doing ok :)

I am so eager for Friday night, come on guys, let's do this! GO GALAXY!

Anonymous said...

After every game, you guys keep us bloggers so well informed. The videos and the updates are always appreciated. Thanks for the great playoff coverage blog team!