Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying It All

The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words, but only six words are needed to describe the photo above and they are...


Cannon Girl said...

Bravo gentlemen! You're riding an exciting wave that's going to take you straight to your victory next week.

Houston put forth great effort last night and should be proud, but you guys really rallied together and shut the lights off (ha ha ha) on their 2009 MLS Cup hopes. You all have been the perfect example of teamwork this season. The love, respect, and camaraderie displayed last night....touching to witness.

Mr. Ricketts, while no one can ever fill my Joe's shoes, you and Kasey Keller certainly come close.
Mr. Klein, no one pulls a rabbit out of a hat quite like you.
Mr. Gordon, you are one class act.
Mr. Berhalter, I'm impressed.
Mr. Arena, well done.
Mr. Donovan, you're the very heart of the team and I'm always so proud of you.
Mr. Beckham, there are no words except....welcome home!

Congratulations team! I still have much love for you but get ready---my Quakes are going to be THE force to be reckoned with in 2010---GO QUAKES!!!

Glen said...

Job well done and deserved! On to the Final.

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB!!!! NEXT WEEK IS WHAT COUNTS!!! We will be cheering you all on!!! LETS GO GALAXY!!! LA GALAXY!!!

Sara said...

Amazing photo (shame its not in HQ though), and amazing success for us, congrats guys, every single one of you, thanks for this, and good luck next week, we can take it home.

Anonymous said...

The picture says it all, yet we cant expand it?

Edge said...

plz make the first picture big i so want that as my background

Moon said...

I want that team celebration picture as my background! But I CAN'T EXPAND it!!

How? Why?