Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something Fishy

We teased this a bit yesterday, but now you can see all the action from Alan Gordon's trip down to Pike Place to throw some fish. One of the many locally themed events that go on surrounding MLS Cup, helping to build up the game's hype locally, Gordo and RSL's Chris Seitz took a lesson and quickly perfected the art of fish throwing and catching. A large crowd, including the ESPN broadcast crew of J.P. Dellacamera and John Harkes, was on hand to cheer Gordo on, but amongst the sea of fans, it was four familiar faces that made Gordo the most nervous. Leo, Stefani, Josh and Julian all made their way down to the market to watch all of the action live. Here is what Gordo and Seitz had to say about the event. But we wanted to get a bit more from Gordo, so we stopped him at the hotel this morning to get his thoughts on what had just gone down.

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