Monday, November 23, 2009

Protected Player List

The LA Galaxy today announced the club’s list of protected and unprotected players for Wednesday’s MLS Expansion Draft. Philadelphia Union, Major League Soccer’s sixteenth team, will be able to select 10 players in the draft, but may not select more than one from any of the other 15 MLS clubs. The expansion draft will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Each of the 15 teams that competed in MLS during the 2009 season were allowed to protect 11 players, leaving all others unprotected. Additionally, per the rules of the expansion draft, the Galaxy were only able to leave two of their five international players unprotected, meaning that three of the club’s 11 protected players are categorized as internationals.

The Galaxy selected the following 11 players to protect:

David Beckham – Midfielder (International Player)
Gregg Berhalter – Defender
Chris Birchall – Midfielder (International Player)
Edson Buddle – Forward
A.J. DeLaGarza – Defender
Landon Donovan – Forward
Sean Franklin – Defender
Omar Gonzalez – Defender
Dema Kovalenko – Midfielder
Mike Magee – Forward
Donovan Ricketts – Goalkeeper (International Player)

Additionally, forward Tristan Bowen was automatically protected as a member of the Generation adidas program. Omar Gonzalez, the 2009 MLS Rookie of the Year, was a Generation adidas player this season but has now graduated from the program.

That means that the following 14 Galaxy players will be available for selection by Philadelphia in Wednesday’s expansion draft:

Todd Dunivant – Defender
Alecko Eskandarian – Forward
Alan Gordon – Forward
Leonard Griffin – Defender
Bryan Jordan – Forward
Jovan Kirovski – Forward
Chris Klein – Defender
Eddie Lewis – Midfielder
Yohance Marshall – Defender (International Player)
Stefani Miglioranzi – Midfielder
Kyle Patterson – Midfielder (International Player)
Tony Sanneh – Defender
Josh Saunders – Goalkeeper
Julian Valentin – Defender


Anonymous said...

Buddle on the protected list? Horrible season after coming back from injury. Too bad we can't clear space and $ to get a player like Carlos Costly (Honduras). He could control this league the Carlos Ruiz did the first go around.

kakuidesu said...

Why is Edson being protected? His form was off the entire season, and there was no better example of that than at MLS Cup 2009.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I think Bryan Jordan is gone, which would be a shame. Jordan works very hard on both sides of the ball. Plus, he has excellent speed and better touch than any Galaxy forward except Donovan and Eskandarian. He's Nowak's type of player: hard working and hungry.

Anonymous said...

Why is Buddle protected. What the hell does he bring to this team. He didn't even care last night taking the kick.


Anonymous said...

How lame is this? MLS sucks. Is this professional or school yard?

K said...

Yeah, Buddle's the only protected player I disagree with. If he's our next-best forward after Landon we're in serious trouble. Alecko is a far stronger player when available for selection.

Hector said...

Buddle? Protected, i'm sorry, i have always thought him as a slow, over rated player. And yesterday he proved me right, i know he scores a lot of goals but he's not a smart player. He gave the ball away too man times last night and the times he played this season. Is it me or did he look like he had other interests at heart?

Bruce all mighty should've protected Lewis over Buddle. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

True you guys should get carlos costly great player and sell of ticket because a lot of hoduran fans hear in LA

Anonymous said...

Kirovski, played like 8 games the whole season. Bruce Arena starts him the championship game! thats some bull! not only that he played the whole game, and Bruce let him take a pk!...i am so disappointed in the Galaxy's starting line up! i blame the loss on Bruce for MESSING around and putting in this stupid line up! and yes we need to recruit some more players...Mexican League to expand to our neighbors to our south, since there is a large hispanic population, if maybe we got another "Cuahotemoc Blanco" in LA maybe they would come watch the Galaxy and have more fans! and we need to gain their respect, because they do not take MLS serious!

Juan Carlos Salas said...

I completely agree, I would have preferred protection for Alecko or even Bryan Jordan than Buddle.

Anonymous said...

I too, think the starting 11 was off. It was just Bruce's pride getting in the way, starting the guys he brought in...

Anonymous said...

Buddle? Even if he was left unprotected nobody would have taken him. His penalty kick was lazy just like his play.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Bruce wasted a protection spot with Buddle. I totally agree with everyone else. It seems like he doesn't even care. I blame the loss on Bruce Arena as well. I don't understand why he changed the line up from the week before when they actually won.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if you guys listen to yourselves. after everything thats transpired this past season you have little faith in this team? i agree that buddle should not be protected but next year will be our year. we know buddle is capable as last year shows but lets just see what bruce has in mind for this team, perhaps buddle will be left off to play second string striker. more than anything i hope we can keep dunnivant, jordan, saunders, and migli

Hector said...

for the record, i am not doubting bruce all mighty's knowledge of the game, i just do not agree with buddle being protected. too late now, we already lost miglioranzy. let's see what he has in mind for next season.


RSLlover11 said...

I am a Real Salt Lake fan, I WANT ALECKO ESKANDARIAN BACK IN SALT LAKE!! He belongs here!! :) On the winning team of the MLS cup 2009!! Obviously the better team...