Monday, November 9, 2009

Look Back at Last Night's Win over Chivas USA

The team went through a light training session this morning at The Home Depot Center but will really ramp up their preparation tomorrow.

In case you missed any of the highlights from last night, be sure to watch them below. (Be sure to enjoy J.P. Dellacamera's final words)


Anonymous said...

I just watched the game I had recorded, and it was just as brilliant to watch again, as when I was there last night. The play of the whole team was awesome. Chris Klein showed what a pro he is and Dema was outstanding as the def. midfielder. What can you say that hasn't been said about David Beckham and Landon Donovan. Their play was 150% and it paid off. Defense was so much better than last week. Great way to settle down, Omar. I can't wait till the Houston game. It is toooo exciting for words.
Good luck guys!!!!

tony Anish said...

The Galaxy played weel and deserved to win the game. Overall the defense was sound but why did Magee play instaed of Eddie Lewis. magee did get the penalty call but gave the ball away most of the time. And the band there is just no place for that at a soccer game. Play before the game or at half time but not during the game. Lets be real this is not college football.

Anonymous said...

I actually kinda like the band in the middle of the game. It makes it more festive and energetic, methinks. Plus, they're high school students - I woulda loved to play at soccer games during high school.

charlesj27 said...

It's awesome to see this club - this team of players - fight their way into the MLS Cup Play-offs. Very glad to see good judgements and decisions made by coaches and players. Wish them all success in the Western Conf Finals game. I believe that this team has the correct combination and strength of players to battle it out against Houston Dynamo. And, it will definitely be a testy, physical, determined battle all the way through! Time to show the rest of MLS how hard this team, its coaches, its trainers, and its supporters have worked to prove their place as champions.