Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fantasy Focus

While things continued as usual on the field for the Galaxy today, training and continuing to prepare for next week's game against FC Dallas, the off the field banter has picked up significantly between the players, staff and some of the coaches.

What's the reason you ask.

Well, with the impending arrival of fall and the NFL season, fantasy football talk dominates the locker room...that is unless a former Galaxy player does something unimaginable in a Cup Final.

Most of the guys are involved in at least one league and everyone takes the game to different levels. Some are just casual fans who like to pick their favorite players, while others will pour through every mock draft, email questions to Matthew Berry at Some leagues simply write out their draft results,while some order color-coded, pre-printed stickers for their draft boards.
(Editor's note, all draft board photos were cropped to protect the innocent on some truly terrible drafting...with the exception of members of the blog staff. We're going to win it all of course!)

With that said, just like on the field, all the guys are playing for just one thing.
A trophy (congratulations to former Galaxy trainer Ivan Pierra for having one of the trophies named in his honor) and the bragging rights that come along with it.

We know that there is at least one draft that still hasn't happened, so for all you fantasy football fans out there, what tips and sleepers do you have that we can pass along to some of the guys?

Or are we geeks for even asking?

Finally, for those of you who are craving some Galaxy on field news today, check on the latest from Larry Morgan at on Edson Buddle's road to recovery.


starinyourfire said...

my sleepers: Peyton Hillus RB(Den), Jermichael Finley TE(GB), Green Bay Defense, Steve Smith Wr(NYG)*if your league counts receptions*

MEG said...

How lame, I thought this was real football not hand egg.

Nicole said...

That's cool. they even get to play for a little trophy. Gotta be so much fun!