Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buddle and Franklin Take Part in Training

For the first time since their respective injuries, both Edson Buddle and Sean Franklin took part in training today. With many of the senior players who have played a lot of late given a day in the gym and with the training staff, Buddle and Franklin took the opportunity to take the next step on their road to full health and match fitness.

Both players came through the session without issue (though we're willing to bet that they'll be sore tomorrow) and will continue their rehab work in the coming days and weeks.

Larry Morgan at lagalaxy.com caught up with Franklin after training to see how the reigning Rookie of the Year felt after his first day back.

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In other news today, Chris Birchall was removed from the Trinidad and Tobago squad for their upcoming qualifiers in Honduras and at home to the U.S. because of nagging hamstring injury that was exacerbated over the weekend. He has elected to remain in Los Angeles to get treatment from the Galaxy training staff in an attempt to be ready to play against FC Dallas on the 12th.


charlesj27 said...

WooHooooo ! Halelujah! Great news. Thanks for the update. How about Alecko? Alecko, dude, where are you? Come on, man, we need you out there! And, what about Bryan Jordan and Kyle Patterson - when are they going to see steady competitive MLS games? That's the only way they'll get more confident, and improve!!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! its ironic though, ive been waiting and waiting for franklin to get up to shape cuz i was very looking forward to seeing him shine in his second season and mature as a player and help the galaxy backline BUUUUUTTTT, AJ delagarza has been fantastic as of late. i think T henry called him a good crafty little defender in an interview. so what do we do when franklin is able to play games? i guess leo griffin wont get a start for a looooong time but the positive is that tony sanneh wont either. not a sanneh fan....what can i say.

Anonymous said...

Will be good to see franklin back, 2 seasons, 2 major surgeries, you do the math. Will be intresting what bruce does when sean is ready to play. Do you bench AJ when sean is ready? AJ has been a hugh part of the defense success,and has held his own. I am sure if bruce wanted AJ to get involved more in the attack,thats what bruce would have him do, so you cannot blame AJ for being more defense minded.
T henry did call AJ a good crafty little defender in an interview,so this will be an intresting move.

Galaxy Til I Die said...

Birchall being injored can be directly attributed to Nagamura. That tackle was an absolute mess and should have earned an ejection.

Same old Chivas, bunch of diving hacks. I seriously don't understand the mentality of Preki's training. Dive on the ground when you have the ball, and hack the other team if you don't.

AL said...

how can u not like the big cat tony sanneh he is slow and methodical

MattJack said...

well first of all you sub the man in for the first few games because there is no point in having him go a full 90 and re-injuring himself "Again". Id say he comes on in like the 80th minute for beerholder instead of Sanneh.

Anonymous said...

It's cuz he's an OLD cat who's slow and prone to losing the ball before he clears it when he's the last defender like in the colombus game. Oh and you could tell he's got man boobs. Don't get me wrong though I want him on the team, and he did alright against barca