Saturday, August 30, 2008

Underway at Gillette Stadium

We're underway in Foxborough between the Galaxy and Revolution.

Bruce Arena is looking for his first win with the Galaxy, and here is the lineup that he has put out there tonight.






Subs: Wicks, Dominguez, Valentin, Randolph, Tudela, Munoz, Sesay


charlesj27 said...

It is now, half-time... Thank you Bruce... Thank you Dave... WOW!!! What a fighting mentality the LA Galaxy team came out with tonight! Finally! Finally - players with guts, stones, and sticks!!! Thank you Bruce, Dave, & Cobi!!! I love the Midfield line-up. This is what we needed to see as fans. Our LA Galaxy team is making the Revs work extra hard. Good! I just hope we can squeak away a win! I really hope! But, I thoroughly enjoyed the fight and vigor in the LA Galaxy team. Yes, please continue to show much more of that the rest of the season and beyond. The marking and man-to-man, with switch-overs... SPLENDID!!! I finally get to see the fruits of Bruce & Dave's knowledge, expertise, and grasp of this league. Eddie is a fantastic, fantastic addition to our team. WOW!!! I'm happy that all of our team members are feisty and riled up! Don't back down!!!

charlesj27 said...

Is my eyes deceiving me? Vagenas and Vanney are actually doing a great job compacting the midfield! Am I in some alternate universe? I am so happy to see the exchange of Eddie and Ante along the left-side. Landon actually plays very nicely when he maintains posession, slows the passing, and finds Eddie or Edson. Good - we need to see more of that!

charlesj27 said...

Final whistle has blown... LAG 2 - NER 2. We walk away with a point. There was a brief period of time (about 8 - 10 minutes) where LA Galaxy held the 2 - 1 lead. And, that indeed was note-worthy against the an Eastern Conference PowerHouse like New England. But, I knew holding the midfield as long as the LA Galaxy did would definitely wear our guys down. But, all of this is immensely vaulable for Bruce, Dave, and Cobi to take in and study from. And, I am sure... that Bruce and Dave will keep re-playing all of the weak-points and mistakes that the LA Galaxy team made tonight. They'll at least get more education and more correction. But, overall, our team held their own. There was immense frustration from David and Edson. I believe both of them really, really wanted to get a turn-over and score to make it 3 - 2 in our favor. But our guys were too tired. What worries me... is that next week, both Eddie and Landon are called in to USMNT (against Cuba, then T&T). Personally, I think Bob Bradley should find other players for these two games. Donovan and Eddie can play when we have to play Guatemala again, here in the US. But, what Bruce & Dave are doing with our players is on the necessary, correct path. Gradually, this team needs to correct its mistakes and keep educating themselves to play much better. They've got keep that hunger and fight inside of them, always!