Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beckham, Donovan and Ruiz Earn Callups

Beckham is the latest Galaxy player to earn a national team callup this week, joining teammates Donovan and Ruiz. He was named today to Capello’s 23-man England squad that will face off against the Czech Republic at Wembley on Wednesday. Following the game, Beckham will head to China to participate in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Donovan and Ruiz will face off versus each other with their respective national teams on Aug. 20 in a CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier. The all-time leading scorer with the U.S. National Team, Donovan was one of 17 players called into the squad by U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. He will join the rest of the National Team in Miami on Sunday before departing for Guatemala on Monday, while Ruiz departed for Guatemala following the Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with Chivas USA on Thursday night.

Following the game, which will be played at Estadio Mateo Flores in Guatemala City and aired live on ESPN2 and Galavision at 7 p.m. (PT), Donovan and Ruiz will return to Los Angeles in time for the Galaxy’s game against the Chicago Fire on Thursday, August 21 at The Home Depot Center, a game that will be shown live on ESPN2 at 7:30 p.m.


charlesj27 said...

Wonderful... Oh yeah - superb planning. We are in the fight of our MLS 2008 lives and David + Landon are off to national team duty. Amazing! Amazing, at how friggin' daft our organization is! So, all of the LA Galaxy fans are just supposed to take more abuse from Chicago when they come and whip our tails at home. Pitiful!!! Absolutely, screwed we are to be fans of this once great football team and club! I just can't stand it anymore - It's shameful teh way we fans are left on the roadside. It's absolutely disgusting that the rest of this team does not get how important it is to make it to the play-offs. Come on LA Galaxy orhanization why do you treat us fans this way - don't you guys have any sense of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and deep desire to win??? What trades have this organization made so far that has actually made a deep impact in the positive direction to the LA Galaxy??? What??? This is NOT right!!!
San Jose Earthquakes (on thier first year back) just BLEW AWAY the best 2008 MLS team - New England Revs. Frank Yallop and his rested, practiced, skillful, fighting side ran over the New England Revs 4 - 0. That's right, they dominated... and, they shut-out the New England Revs. While we allowed 42 goals hit our nets from opposing teams! I cannot believe that it's not making anyone in the organization sick to their stomachs!

Nicole said...

Charles, you need to get a grip. If the National Team calls up a player on a FIFA International fixture date, there is nothing the team can do - they have to release the player. Besides, Donovan and Ruiz will be back for the game versus Chicago.

If you've got a beef, it's with Beckham. Him not coming back after his game, but instead going on to China to close the Olympics tells me all I need to know about his commitment to this team. Shame, really, since this team has been blown up and reshaped time after time merely to accomodate him.

Anonymous said...

Well said !

They don't care about Cobi
They don't care about the fans
The LA Galaxy is in the wrong hands

Next game, sing it loud sing it proud.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with Nicole. Galaxy is known around the world is because of Beckham. David put his heart and everything to the team and their games. To help close the Olympic game is a very important task for England and fans around the world. It is not fair to blame Beckham on Galaxy failure. Be positive, those negative attitude will not help the team.

charlesj27 said...

No worries - thanx for trying to keep my emotions in check. I haven't lost it, not completely, anyways! A lot of disappointment and friustration in me, for sure - but, not to the point of losing it.
Nicole - I am NOT going to blame David for going over to Beijing to close out the Olympics. His commitment to this team is something I do not question - period!!! He has given all that he is capable of giving on the pitch in games (for a full 90 minutes per game)! He makes offensive, defensive, and fake runs to try and let the other LA Galaxy team-mates take charge and control. The blame does not lie completely on his shoulders. There is immense pressure, turmoil, bickering, and "money-grubbing" going on in the LA Galaxy organization right now. Time & AEG are scrambling like you wouldn't beleive to come up with the dates, venues, and such for another post-season tour. In the midst of Tim's plannings, are when all of the melt-down with the player-player, player-coach, coach-manager drama came to a boil! This team seriously needs a highly-experienced MLS-trained Head Coach & Director of Soccer & GM. These three positions must be in complete agreement and working harmony with each other - that's the only way to guide and steer this huge organization with huge plans and goals!
David going to Beijing, is something that I a sure is in his contract - he also has PR responsibilities!
Personally, if there is truth to the Bruce Arena and Dave Sarachan rumors into the LA Galaxy... these individuals are the right-type and right-fit for this team and organization right now. Both of these individuals have vast knowledge, experience, guts, and leadership qualities. Our LA Galaxy more than anything needs unified leadership, strength, and guts.

Anonymous said...

Actually with the 3 amigos out the team defense should be a lot better.

Neanderthal said...

Amen Nicole!!!!! I like you..... National team duty comes before Club duty. My problem is with Beckam. Why is he participating in the clossing ceremony at the Olympics? It makes no sense. On the other hand, with the way things have been going with the Galaxy lately he might have given up already. I even doubt that he will stay the five years of his contract, at some point he will realize he doesn't need those one million dollars a week that bad.

Lgald said...

I too wish Becks were playing against Chi-town on Thursday but keep in mind the bigger picture here, him being at closing ceremonies in Beijing only serves to promote our team and league to newer audiences. Also, the prob with the Galaxy is not the offense !! Edson is getting it done, Landon is getting it done, Ruiz needs to stay in Guatemala cause he's not doing sheee-aht here !. We needs some defensive players !! Hellllllooooooo....does anyone from the organization who can make calls read this forum !!?

WTF!? BRING IN SOME "D"!! Guys, I'm for a miracle on Thursday, I dont think having Becks will be a total disaster tho he serves up some serious pass's , which Edson and Landon do a great job handling, but I can hear it now" Cronin is off his line ".....