Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Lineups Are In [UPDATED]

We're ready to go here in San Jose as the Galaxy will look to snap a six-game winless streak and move to within one point of first place Real Salt Lake.

Here is the team that Ruud will put out there...







Subs: Wicks, Dominguez, Randolph, Pires, Vagenas, Munoz, Ruiz.

Gordo is brought in for Carlos while Ely and Brandon are back in midfield, with Pete and Alavro going to the bench. Lastly, Sean Franklin is back in the starting lineup after playing 45 minutes last weekend, replacing Eduardo Dominguez. [UPDATED] Brandon has had to be removed from the lineup becuase of a recurrance of his foot injury, so he will be replaced by Peter.

Also, Mike Munoz, who was signed on Friday afternoon, is in the 18-man squad for the first time.
Enjoy the match.


charlesj27 said...

At half-time, thankfully (with much struggle, fury, and presistence), we're at 2 - 1. Yes, we're trailing & YES, again - we allowed two goals on us. But, this is a MUCH MORE POTENT, FLUID San Jose team. Please, oh please why is our midfielders get disposessed so easily. Pete is losing balls left & right. FKlein keeps slipping. Ely keeps slipping some more and getting right back up and offering some extra-ordinary bite and passion in the midfield. Please, we need more faster, stronger, more tenacious players that knows how to hold on to the ball. This game at high afternoon is zapping the players of energy, fluids, and electrolytes. Congratulations to Landon for his 13th goal of the season, and to David for the 8th assist of the season.
Remember, this is only San Jose - not New England, not DCU, not Columbus. If we don't bring in some more serious threatening players into this team, we do not have a chance!!!
Unbelievable, the amount of mistakes we make!

charlesj27 said...

Sorry, even though Greg seems to be playing more energy - I am still not at all convinced he has what we need to keep up with the likes of Robbie Rogers or Kenny Mansally or Sanney Nyassi or Kenny Cooper or Dominic Oduro.
We keep getting run-over and killed by faster, taller players in this league!!!

charlesj27 said...

Done!!! Enough!!! I've had it! I've had it! Stop this stupid tinkering with positions and switching! STOP!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!! Lord, what is it going to take? Please - do NOT play Greg, Pete, and Carlos anymore!!!! Enough!!! How many losses is it going to take? How dumb are the people in this organization? Why? Why is it that other MLS teams get to have international quality players - and all we get are duds! Make some damn changes - do it! Do it now! We keep on struggling - we are not proving anything! I want the players listed above to go already! Players stumbling and falling and sliding! ENOUGH!!! Lord, can someone with guts and balls take control of this team and make the proper right choices!!! Why are we paying $80 sideline tickets for a team that is consistently sorry and loosing!!!

charlesj27 said...

AAAARRRRGGGHHGGHHG!!!! I can't take it anymore! Please stop putting in players that are NOT going to make a difference! We need TALL, YOUNG, FAST Players!!! We need quality and skill and players who can hold onto the ball!!! This is so pathetic!!!

galaxyfan1118 said...

Once again someone will say the defense let us down, but it was an overall sad effort from a poorly motivated (negatively motivated) team. Goalkeeping was once again poor. He has no hands at all. First goal he was not set. Second goal was, well….. The third goal was not catching the ball and, yes, I will admit it, poor defense.

But this game speaks volume in the form of a poorly coached and motivated team. They were flat and uneventful from an offensive standpoint. Landon belongs on top. Why is Vagenas in the line-up? Why did Allen start over Randolph? Who made the decision to pick up a center defender that is as slow as the one you want to remove from the squad? The defense needs help so Klein can’t make runs anymore; so why is he on the outside (what a waste)? Who was in the locker room getting a message when the players needed to get changed for their game in Toronto? I have seen a couple of the practices, and they are not practices. Is it true the players won’t say anything in fear of retribution?

The test of a TRUE coach is taking the talent you have and determining the best way to utilize that on the pitch. A True coach looks to strengthen his squad in the right ways for the squad to become better as a whole. The sign of a poor coach is making snap decision based on how you feel and who said what in practice that week. The sign of a poor coach is consistently belittling you players in front of the team.

Cobi, I know you can play and I know you have a better mind than what is going on; can’t you help? Well, if not, it is time to make the change. Rudd, I hear your house is for sale. Can we make this change now before the entire season is a waste, again? Can’t we find someone to manage this teams who cares and can positively motivate the players? I could do a better job than what we have right now.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish all you fair-weather fans would stop laying the blame on the coach and the goaltending. Check out the stats- Cronin is among the league leaders in shots and saves made. He's getting bombarded. The games against dallas and washington would have been double digits if not for him. Vanney, Vagenas and Allen should not start.

The team has to play a 4-3-1-2...Jazic, Franklin, Dominguez and Randolph. Beckham, Klein and pires (until macdonald is healthy),donovan, buddle and ruiz up top.

Gordon is useless.

The fact of the matter is, all of our midfielders are horrible on the defensive side of the pitch. The back 4 look bad because of them

Anonymous said...

You must have the hots for Steve to defend him like that. Yes our backline sucks! But do you see any other keeper chasing the opposing team around outside the 18 for the ball? Steve has 3 times this year. He was out of position on the first goal today, the ball went through his hands on the second goal. Klien saved his ass on what would have been another goal because he was out of position. He is the starting keeper of what should be the best team in the MLS and even the commentators are heckling him! The worst part is that even after a goal is scored on his mistake, he's yelling at the backline! Sounds like my kook QB on the Chargers. He has made some (4 or 5) really great saves this year, but that's not good enough. Bring back Joe, bring back Hartman! We will NEVER get to the playoffs with Cronin, never!

Anonymous said...

The reason he's chasing the ball down is because the backline is nowhere to be found.

Opponents blow by the or play them close to the offside, leaving Cronin to have to come out and cut down the angle.

Yes, a lot of other keepers do it. Watch other MLS teams. Sutton is always out of his net. So is Sala.

Cannon Girl said...

It's too bad David, Landon, and Chris don't play for San Jose because they have something major in common with them...A HARD WORK ETHIC! What a dream team they'd all make! My Joe has great support there and doesn't have to CARRY his team all season anymore and neither would they. The Quakes ALL work hard TOGETHER and win or lose, they're always in it TOGETHER. Frank treats his team with respect as he leads AND supports them (yes, you can do both at the same time). I will always have a soft spot for LA because this used to be my Joe's team. But they didn't appreciate him so they don't deserve him anymore. Would I ever want him to go back? No. And while I'll be the first to admit Cronin's no Cannon, I do think everyone's being unfairly harsh on him. He has promise as a keeper, he just wasn't ready to start this year and the powers that be in LA knew this, but were once again content in letting the team's success rest on the shoulders of one man - David (it was Joe last year). They thought that bringing Ruiz back (how's that working out for you fellas?), and a healthy David Beckham (way too talented for you), and their ace-in-the-hole Landon (deserves so much better), could fix this team's problems. NEWSFLASH people-until some of the members of this team MAN UP and get the lead out the Galaxy will ALWAYS be inconsistent. And if they do lose Landon to Europe it'll be through no one's fault but their own. I only hope David has a clause in his contract that will give him an unconditional out because he deserves better too. Some of you LA fans need to MAN UP yourselves. You were jumping and shouting all over the place not too long ago about your team's success but now you're here publicly dissing them because things have gotten 'a whittle wuf'. It's like a marriage...for better or worse. So suck it up, stop whining, and please stop kicking the dog while it's down. My Joe and his Quakes are nowhere near the top in the current standings but the season's not over, they're still a great team, they're still MY team, and I'm staying behind them 100% as long as my Joe's with them because they know how to treat him. Oh excuse me Charles, you said it was "only San Jose" your team was playing yesterday? Enlighten me please... who won yesterday? You put more effort into your numerous Kevin Costner movie-length posts than a lot of the members of YOUR team put into the game. Speaking of which, I'd better end this post before people start mistaking me for you. And that would never do, because I'm Cannon Girl! SMOOCHES ; )