Sunday, August 3, 2008

Galaxy Fall to San Jose 3-2

LA Galaxy 2, San Jose Earthquakes 3
August 3, 2008
McAfee Coliseum – Oakland, Calif.

Scoring Summary:
SJ – Arturo Alvarez 4 (Scott Sealy 1, Darren Huckerby 1) 8’
SJ – Darren Huckerby 2 (Eric Denton 1) 40’
LA – Landon Donovan 13 (David Beckham 8) 42’
LA – Edson Buddle 12 (Unassisted) 76’
SJ – Ryan Cochrane 1 (Unassisted) 90’

Misconduct Summary:
SJ – Ryan Cochrane (Yellow Card) 46’
LA – Landon Donovan (Yellow Card) 73’

LA Galaxy: Steve Cronin, Chris Klein (Carlos Ruiz 76’), Greg Vanney, Sean Franklin, Ante Jazic, Peter Vagenas, Ely Allen (Mike Randolph 46’), David Beckham©, Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle, Alan Gordon.

Subs Not Used: Josh Wicks, Eduardo Dominguez, Alvaro Pires, Mike Munoz.

FC Dallas: Joe Cannon, Jason Hernandez, Ryan Cochrane, Nick Garcia©, Eric Denton, Francisco Lima, Ramiro Corrales, Ronnie O’Brien (Ryan Johnson 82’), Arturo Alvarez, Darren Huckerby, Scott Sealy (Jovan Kirovski 92+).

Subs Not Used: Michael Gustavson, James Riley, Kelly Gray, Shea Salinas, John Cunliffe.

· With the loss, the Galaxy are now 6-8-5 on the season leaving them with 23 points. They are now in fourth place in the Western Conference, four points behind first place Real Salt Lake, three points behind the Houston Dynamo and two points behind FC Dallas.
· Ruud Gullit made three changes to his starting from last weekend’s 4-0 loss at FC Dallas. Sean Franklin was brought in to central defense in place of Eduardo Dominguez, while Ely Allen was added to the midfield in place of Alvaro Pires and Alan Gordon started up front instead of Carlos Ruiz.
· Brandon McDonald was originally in the starting lineup in central midfield, but was a late scratch because of a recurrence of a foot problem that had kept him out of the lineup for the past month and a half. He was replaced in the starting lineup by Peter Vagenas.
· Midfielder Mike Munoz was in the 18-man squad for the first time this season after being signed by the club on Friday. He did not play in the match.
· Landon Donovan’s 42nd minute goal was his 13th of the season, setting a new career-high. Donovan is now tied for the MLS lead in goals with 13, equal to the number scored by FC Dallas forward Kenny Cooper who scored twice this afternoon in Toronto.
· Buddle’s goal in the 76th minute was his 12th of the season, setting a new career-high.
· David Beckham’s assist on Donovan’s goal was his eighth of the season, good for the most on the Galaxy and the second most in MLS.
· The Galaxy are now winless in their last seven games, going 0-4-3 over the span with losses to D.C. United, FC Dallas, New England and San Jose, as well as draws with Chivas USA, Columbus and New York. They have allowed two or more goals in six of those seven games. This ties the mark for the fourth longest winless streak in club history.
· Two of the three players who scored for the Earthquakes in today's game were not on the San Jose roster the last time these two teams played on June 14, a 3-0 Galaxy win.
· The attendance for today’s game was 26,071.
· After the game, the entire Galaxy squad will bus to Santa Clara University for a Reserve Division match against the Earthquakes. The two sides played a Reserve Division game in April, with San Jose winning 2-1.
· The Galaxy are back in action on Thursday, August 14, when they take on Chivas USA in the third and final installment of the Honda SuperClasico at The Home Depot Center. The match will kick off at 8 p.m. (PT) and can be seen live on ESPN2. The match will also be available live on the radio in English on 1150 AM and in Spanish on KWKW 1330 ESPN Deportes.


Anonymous said...

update us on the reserve game. they cant lose this one, we are in enough pain. come on boys!!

Anonymous said...

Clueless-in-Carson clueless on the road. Heads must roll now. This ain't funny no mo.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Cien.

Anonymous said...

I am so disapointed and fed up with all those losses. Cronin is the worst goalkeeper ever. He is useless. I am really runing out of patiens with Cronin. Please get a new goalkeeper!!!

Anonymous said...

That was aweful. I was sad at the end of the game. They really need to start winning if they expect to go to the play offs.

Lgald said...

unbelievalbe !! another loss ! And to the Earthquakes of all teams, Cronin needs to sit, there is no excuse for always being caught off line and getting tons of goals scored on him, tho it isnt totally Cronin's fault. And now Edson might be playing overseas? You guys need to do whatever you can to keep Edson and get rid of Ruiz ! If there isnt an attitude change on the team this week, I see Chivas rolling all over Galaxy on Thursday evening. C'mon guys, I want you guys to win, I'm catching tons of crap at work for supporting you guys !!

Anonymous said...

Who's getting fired?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with these comments. I think we should let Gullit complet what he started. He and the guys shoudlo stick with what they have been doing - things will eventually click - the first signs of that were visible in the San Jose game. I believe they will beat Chivas next week.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to all prospective Galaxy GM's and coaches:

Unless you get a skillful midfielder who can control this team and move them away from this helter-skelter nonsense then the same fate will awaite you that did in Lalas, Gullit, Yallop, Sampson and Schmidt.

Jorge said...

Yesterday's loss was not and is not funny. This is getting just ridiculous. We have the best strikers and best midfielder in the league. We should be winning games left and right. No excuse.

I have supported Cronin so far but it may be now time to find a more reliable and experienced goalkeeper. I am starting to agree with those posting here and other blogs about Cronin's performances.

Becks, Landon, Edson and Carlos need to know that while they go forward, the backline can hold up. It is sad and pathetic that these guys have to go back constantly to defend.

And about Ruiz? Why asking for his head? It is hard to judge the guy when he comes on 15 minutes before the end of the games and has started in only two.

The question that haunts us all:

Does the Front Office even read this blog and others to know what the fans think and feel?

Anonymous said...

Ok...Here is my take. Sack Lalas, get some new defenders. At least one aggressive central defender that takes charge. A few that will work hard at overlapping, move Donovan to the bench or sell him (never had much respect for him anyway). Get Buddle some help upfront and get those guys to at least move around.

Anonymous said...

Cronin has been poor all season and enough on the defense. We need speed in the back. But we keep adding players who have equal to or less than the players we toss aside.

The real root of the problem - RUUD! The "team" looked like an un-motivated bunch of whipped puppies with tucked tails. Is it true that no one can say anything to Ruud or they get noved to the bench or second team? Is it true his house is for sale? Is it true that he was getting a message in the locker room at the TFC game and the team coud not even get in to get changed????? Our GM need to do something or the GM needs to go.

charlesj27 said...

Hey guys & gals; I know the die-hard Galaxy fans wanted to know how we did at the Reserve Game following the MLS match on Sunday afternoon. The final score was 0 - 1 (in favor of San Jose). It was Kelly Gray who scored in the 2nd Half (53rd minute).
But, what is most interesting as you can see below is who we brought in and used to play in the Reserve Game. I honestly believe that Head Coach Ruud & Director Paul Bravo is still trying their best to identify which group of players best help each other, work with each other, complement each other to make up a more solid, tight, attacking-minded back-line. Here's the players that played the Reserve Game:
Los Angeles Galaxy - Josh Wicks (Charles Alamo 46), Michael Gavin (Scott Bolkan 72), Eduardo Dominguez, Julian Valentin, Taylor Canel, Mike Randolph (Ely Allen 66), Josh Tudela, Mike Munoz, Varclan Adzemian, Israel Sesay, Carlos Ruiz.
What I find, also, more interesting is why with Carlos Ruiz inserted in there, our Galaxy cannot score... Really - cannot score in a reserve game???
Guys & Gals - I know many of you know this. But, until Carlos Ruiz, Pete Vagenas, and Greg Vanney are definitely going to get contracts outside of the LA Galaxy - our hands & feet are tied because of the whole salary cap issue! Again, it would interest you to note that all three of these players listed above were Alexi Lalas's chums & boys. He's the one that told Paul Bravo to bring these guys into the Galaxy. Can anyone say "Stupid" or "Foolish"?
I'm not sure how quickly Galaxy management and AEG are going to be able to offload these players in such a way that it does become a financial loss in the books. International Transfer Deadline closes on August 15th. Domestic Transfer Deadline closes on Sept. 15th. Please guys and gals - in whatever ways you can - keep pressuring the Galaxy organization. Make your thoughts, opinions, and voices heard. Absolute Buffoonery like this must not be tolerated any longer!!!

Justin said...

Donovan to the bench or sell him lol, you must not watch us play without him. Also how many goals has he scored for us, more like sell Ruiz and by some defensive, or CM help.

Anonymous said...

I think Ruud should stay...He's been working at a different level with these guys...You can see a difference in the movement of the ball and players. Unfortunately, the talent and vision is not there to do what he (Ruud) has been working for. I don't know what goes behind close doors but I certainly see a bunch of pros on the field who just seem to not like eachother...I have a feeling there is lots of revolt behind doors and power struggles. You can see it in their faces...Have you noticed when they score only a few seem to participate in the fun? That tells me there is some anger which is brought to the field and takes away from a 100% workout rate and teamwork.

lgald said...

Get rid of Landon??, why did we get rid of Xavier?! The offense is not the problem here ! The problem is the horrendous defense and even worse goal keeping !! Cronin absolutely has to sit !! And as far as I'm concerned, Ruiz has had an opportunity to play and hasnt converted his chances. I understand that he only played 15 minutes in the last game but I have to believe that Rudd is evaluating these guys in practice. There has to be a reason why he isnt getting time on the pitch. And if he isnt given the time on the pitch there should be no reason to keep him on the roster.

Sepehr said...

new goalkeepr,new goalkeeper,new goalkeeper please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Cronin but he's faced the highest number of shots in the league and has made the most saves. Yes a 2.11 GAA is bad, but Burpo (1.75), Hesmer (1.42), Conway (1.50) and Wells (1.50) are no better considering they have much better D and have faced a lot less shots.

Anonymous said...

I made the comment about Landon, because he takes away from the play that is trying to be created. I will agree he is fast and has good movement, but does not have the vision for whjat Ruud is trying to accomplish...Ruud is bringing a very different game and Landon does not fit the style of play. I guess with Landon is either you like him or you don't. I don't have any respect for him and don't like the way he plays. As far a Lalas goes as is time for him to take a new job. Maybe with his old band. he is detrimental to coaching staff and is power hungry.

crispy said...

I miss Xavier.

Anonymous said...

Stop accusing cronin of being horrible it is not his fault its his first year as a head goalie and his defense isnt helping him at all...if they put better defenders in cronin might get more better and a person above is right he has had the most shots on him! i bet if they did get a new goalie you will still find something wrong and say get rid of them. i agree ruiz needs to go n if they let him go bring back xavier or martino we need character on this team