Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

The players were back in training this morning after they (and the blog staff) received a day off on Monday.

However, we did receive a bit of bad news on Monday as both Charles Alamo and Michael Gavin were ruled out for extended periods through injury. In the second half of Sunday's reserve game, Alamo suffered a partial tear of the ACL in his left knee, the same knee he injured in Hawaii back in February, and will be placed on the Season Ending Injury List.

Gavin was also injured in that game, suffering a right foot fracture that is expected to keep him on the sidelines for at least two months. He underwent surgery on Tuesday and is expected to be out for at least six weeks.

On a brighter note, Bryan Jordan scored one and set up another last weekend as the Portland Timbers played to a 2-2 draw with the Minnesota Thunder in USL First Division action. As a result of his performance, Jordan was named to the First Division Team of the Week. Fans wanting to follow BJ's progress can watch him in action on Thursday night at 8 p.m. (PT).


charlesj27 said...

Sorry to hear about Charles Alamo's recurring ACL injury. I think this is the correct and right decision. A partial tear in the ACL is mendable, if and only if the player is side-lined and gets regular rehab + PT for a good solid four months. Honestly, I think Charles Alamo needs to take some serious time to think about what he should be doing with his future... Because, if he stays as a goal-keeper in MLS - he can only expect to get brutalized again and again. And, a goal keeper without strong knees and legs that quickly jump and firmly land... is not much of a goal keeper. Sorry to be blunt! However, my sympathies go out to the man. It's been a while - a long while since I heard Michael Gavin's name. So, he's out with injury too. May I speculate that the turf that the reserve game was played on was not at all ideal. Kind of like the turf at Frisco Park when we played FC Dallas last.
So, does this mean that the coaching staff is considering on bringing back one or two players (defenders)in Portland Timbers (namely, Vardan Adzemian and Scott Bolkan). Because, we seriously - desparately, vehemently need young, strong, pacy defenders!!! Without them - we are doomed to keep spiraling down into oblivion!!!.
It would be nice to get some more firm details...

Anonymous said...

Awww poor Charles Alamo. He has been out so long and right when he is better, he gets injured again. Well, hopefully he will come back healthy and stronger next season.

I am glad to hear Bryan Jordan is doing well. I really like him. Thanks for updating us on him.

Anonymous said...

It is always terrible when people get injured and I do pray for a full recovery for each player. I am looking forward to a new day on the pitch and possibly a move UP the scale in the league...we have the talent, and the skill...do you have the heart and the means to put the negative things in life aside? Is your glass half full or half empty? Come on boys, shine your galactic light and blind your oponent next week!

charlesj27 said...

Creatures... I applaud your optimism and willingness to be in lifted spirits. I know there are good, solid players on our team; but, like you said - the heart, the desire, the drive, the relentless behavior to be winners and competitors must also be there!
Now aside from that, I believe it is also important that players in a team work TOGETHER and FOR EACH OTHER as a team. I sincerely, sincerely hope there is NO IN-FIGHTING and BAD BLOOD amongst team members. I read in a recent article published in the local newspaper, Daily Breeze, that: when Alexi was asked what he thought players should have... He stated that it's important for a winning organization to have players with strong personalities. HUH??? WHAT??? Players that have strong, abrupt personalities are typically the players that ends up costing a team fouls, cards, and unwanted publicity. Of course, there can be strong, solid teams with players who don't have strong personalities - who excel, because they absolutely love soccer. I just keep getting the feeling that Alexi believes this whole thing will just sift away into nothingness, and he can go back into "suckering" people to keep buying Stadium Club and Underground Bar tickets. I think it's all about the money with him. I think it's Ruud, David, and Landon that care more so about style and substance.
I know Creatures - you said that you have no respect for Landon. But, there is no denying the depth he brings to this team.

Anonymous said...

CharlesJ, sometimes you need to keep your comments to yourself. Your comment about Alamo was inappropriate. His future is his decision (not yours!) and I don't think he cares what you think anyways. No need to write novels for each blog post.