Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Madrid Arrive in Los Angeles

Just about an hour before the MLS All-Stars kicked off against Manchester United in Houston, another collection of international stars arrived in the U.S., with Real Madrid touching down at LAX.
Led by head coach Jose Mourinho, Madrid will train in Los Angeles until their friendly against the Galaxy on August 7 at the Rose Bowl. That game will be Madrid's second game of their U.S. tour, coming just three days after their trip to San Francisco to take on Club America.While the complete squad did not arrive yesterday (check here for their complete travel squad, including the players who will arrive at a later date), Mourinho's complete 28-man squad will be in Los Angeles to begin training ahead of the game against the Galaxy.


Michelle said...

Are there any opportunities to meet the Real Madrid team? Like fan meets/signings? I'm a huge fan!

Anonymous said...

This is a Galaxy Blog. Leave other teams out of here. Galaxy FO care about stupid friendlies and money then achievement. Who wants my ticket, i'm selling this BS!

charlesj27 said...

You should check the site, I'm sure you can find info on this "Watch Real Madrid Stars Train" promo the LA Galaxy Front Office has going. It's NOT free! There's a $50 cover charge!!! Good luck. I, too, am a RM fan - but, now way, I can shell out $50 for watching players train. Sorry, I cannot justify that.

YES, you're right - this is a "LA Galaxy Blog"... and, in that sense a lot more about our LA Galaxy 1st team and academies should be covered in this blog. But, there's nothing wrong with some pics, some vids, and some print on events that LA Galaxy will participate in. At least, in my view. I also cannot argue that LA Galaxy Front Office has and will always put financial gain and presentation first before respect gained from the entire MLS community through achievements in the form of trophies and winnings. It has always - but, that was a LONG time ago under different leadership - there aren't those "kings and titans" in our sports world today; if there are - they are quickly painted with a different brush and rubbed out of the mainstream. I understand your distaste; but, please do not forget how immensely embarassing and dysfunctional we were in recent years past. Let's not forget, it is the fan's (both individual and collective) right to follow, understand, support, and agree to purchase and be a part of this club... as such, it is also the fan's responsibility to know who and what is running the organization and in what manner. The organization now and in future will respond to cash flow - money coming in... choke that off; and, they will panic and lose interest in this venture.