Saturday, July 17, 2010

In the Nation's Capital, Final Preparations

On a balmy afternoon in Washington, D.C., the Galaxy took the field for the final time before tomorrow's match against D.C. United at RFK Stadium. The heat and humidity were high as expected with the temperature hovering around the low 90s during the training session.

Assistant Coach Cobi Jones led the players on a warm up that increased in intensity in order to slowly warm up the players' muscles despite the heat. Then, it was on to 5v2 with two groups featuring the Serie A and Ghanaian Third Division.

Next, the players split up into two teams of eight for a possession game that featured Juninho and Chris Birchall each taking turns as the neutral player. In spite of the weather, the players were able to maintain a high level through the exercise.

Finally, it was the finishing touches reviewing freekicks and cornerkicks before the team headed to RFK Stadium for a quick walk through on the match field. It was in good condition considering there was a game on Thursday night. In fact, the field will have one last mowing tomorrow morning before the game.

For a preview for tomorrow's game be sure to check out TWIG below and


charlesj27 said...

Thanks very much for the training updates from Washington DC. Appreciate the pics, too. I hope the LA Galaxy will play very well against DC United tomorrow. My hope is that the players are all fresh again - rested enough to play some thorough attacking, posession and positioning based football against DCU. It's nice to see/know that Dema is back on practice field. Did Clint Mathis make it on this trip? Both RSL and NYRB fell in today's games. But, Columbus Crew powered on and through. KC Wizards played very good against RSL today. It'll be real interesting to see Portland and Vancouver join into this league next year. Philly is little by little coming up to par. But, I think it's still going to take 'em at least two more seasons to get their grouping settled.

Anonymous said...

Ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself, Charles?