Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Beckham on

Earlier today, the World Interviewed David Beckham on No, seriously. Ninteen different countries took part in an interactive live interview with the one, the only, Mr. David Beckham.

Re-watch the interview (video above) or read the transcript (as posted on Yahoo's Twitter account) below.

Q1 from Korea: Did you see the Korean games-and if so, who was the best player?
A1 from Beckham: I don't want to single out one player-the strength of the Korean team is their unity!

Q2 from Taiwan: You spent time with the troops in Afghanistan-how did that inspire you?
A2 from Beckham: I've always wanted to, but never was able to. So inspiring to eat & spend time with those doing so much for us.

Q3 from HK: Who's the best teammate--and what do you like about HK?
A3 from Beckham: Played w/ so many greats--favorite is probably Gary Neville. About HK--I love the people!

Q4 form India: What was the most difficult moment in your life & how did you overcome it?
A4 from Beckham: I'd say the red card sendoff-really impacted me & my family. Most recently it was my injury prior to World Cup. It was the support from family, friends & supporters that helped me through it all.

Q5 from Malaysia: Will you plan to return to football in a managerial role--and if so with which team?
A5 from Beckham: I was happy to talk to the players & help on the bench. I love coaching kids & will always be involved that way.

Q from Twitter: Will you be in next Olympics as a player?
A: Really hope to still be playing by then!

Q6 from Singapore: Describe your perfect last game as player-location, team and what happens
A6 from Beckham: In Brazil, playing for England in 2014, I set one up and score the winning goal in the last minute!

Q7 from Yahoo! Answers winner in Australia: As a high profile couple, how do you & Victoria juggle everything?
A7 from Beckham: Our kids are our #1 priority, so that is always our focus

Q8: What's it like hanging with Snoop?
A8 from Beckham: Snoop is a great guy and a huge football fan. We've had some great times & love his new album

Q9 from Indonesia: About your tattoos-what are your favorite, what's your inspiration & will you get more?
A9 from Beckham: Favorite are my boys' names on my back & wife's name on my arm--will get moret

Q10 from Indonesia: If not a football player, what sport would you want to be a professional in?
A10 from Beckham: I'd love to be a basketball player for the LA Lakers--been a huge fan since we moved to LA

Q11 from Philippines: What 3 things could you not live without?
A11 from Beckham: How about 4? Brooklyn, Victoria, Romeo & Cruz (my wife and kids)

Q12 Will you plan to stay in LA?
A12 from Beckham: It's important for the kids to be settled & we love LA-blue skies, great weather. We'll be there for a long time.

Q13 from Canada: If you did not play football, what would you do professionally?
A13 from Beckham: I love doing cartoons and building Legos. Given those interests, I think an architect makes a lot of sense.

Q14 from Mexico: How did you meet Victoria & make her fall in love with you?
A14 from Beckham: Simon Fuller brought her to a game when she was in the Spice Girls (Posh) & I knew soon after I wanted to marry her

Q15 from Argentina: You've been involved in lots of charities. How has that impacted your life?
A15 from Beckham: We've been fortunate to help a lot of kids in the UK & have been really involved with UNICEF too

Q16 from Brazil: Do you think football will get instant replay?
A16 from Beckham: I know there is a lot of debate & the officials will take it under consideration and make the best decision.

Q17 from Spain: Who was the best player on Spain's team?
A17 from Beckham: While Sergio Ramos & the whole team played the best football, I think Casillas deserved the player of the tournament

Q18 from Facebook: What was going through your mind that goal in the 93rd minute vs Greece in 2001?
A18 from Beckham: I still get emotional & excited thinking about that goal-it shows how much results mean to people.

Q19 from Germany: How would you describe yourself in one word & why?
A19: One word: Determined. Something I instill in my kids and use to guide me personally and professionally.

Q20 from Italy: How was it wearing the AC Milan jersey playing against Manchester United?
A20 from Beckham: Was an amazing opportunity and to receive the applause and support when I returned was great.

Q21 from Italy: Always one of the most stylish men--what is your inspiration?
A21 from Beckham: Always been into fashion, but my icon would be Steve McQueen--he could pull off jeans & white t-shirt.

Q21 from France: If you weren't Beckham, who would you be?
A21 from Beckham: Steve McQueen...or Zidane. Zidane is the best player in the world.

Q22 from UK: You've had an amazing career. Do you have any dreams you want to fulfill?
A22 from Beckham: I still feel that I have a career left and would love to win more and play for my country


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from David Beckham. I was wondering how is injury status was going & when he maybe back for The Galaxy. I hope that he gets back for the end of the MLS season & The Galaxy play The Red Bulls in the MLS Championshop game & he does well & The Galaxy win a Championship with David!

Anonymous said...

who cares about this self centered jerk; why don't the Galaxy get a player that REALLY wants to play for the Galaxy?