Friday, July 9, 2010

Listen to Landon

For those of you in and around Los Angeles, or if you just want to listen to the radio on the internet, be sure to tune in to ESPN Radio 710 AM shortly after 4 p.m. today as Landon chats with Mason and Ireland about the World Cup, his return to the Galaxy and the second half of the MLS season. Additionally, ESPN is honoring the V Foundation all day long with a series of auctions, so Landon will be offering up four tickets to our game against San Jose on July 22 and a one of his signed jerseys during the interview.

Just more than an hour later at 5:35 p.m., Landon will be back on the airwaves, this time with Petros and Money on AM 570, the Galaxy's official radio partner.


Anonymous said...

Landon played Great in The World Cup & I really wish that Edson would have got much more playing time & evem started some Matches. It wasn't their fault that The USA didn't go further which I think that they should have @least beat Ghana.

charlesj27 said...

Did anyone get to watch today's 3rd place match: Germany vs Uruguay? WOW!!! WOW!!! The absolute energy and belief in those Uruguayan players... that is what led them to that spot in the World Cup. They should be so, so proud and hold their heads up high!!! Absolutely, I was gutted for them - because they poured all on the field. Germany was so, so fortunate to have Ozeil and Mueller... Germany's GK was playing superbly! I wish and hope for the very best for the USMNT youngsters in U-18s, U-20s, and U-23s... these are the hopefuls for our national team future. Now, what is needed is good, thorough, tactical, and corrective coaching at these levels. And, plenty of opportunities for competitive international games. Let this sport flourish and grow starting at the youth and young adult levels... for men and WOMEN's teams and leagues!

Anonymous said...

I watched some of The World Cups 3rd place Match today. I wasn't watching the entire match entently. Some beautiful goals were scored.

Landon Donavon, really save The USA in this World Cup, if it weren;t for Landon, The USA wouldn't have won or got out of their group! ~ He saved us in 3 different Matches!

Looks like The Galaxy r slacking off a bit.