Sunday, July 11, 2010

Postgame Reaction from Revolution Defeat


Tonight was one of those nights were I think the team that made the fewer mistakes would win tonight and we made a couple and the Revolution took advantage of it. So it was a deserving win on their part.

Of course we were aware that the Revolution was in a slump. We’re not as dumb as we look sometimes. We knew they would play a hard game and obviously coming in on this surface with the field slick and the short field it tends to be the kind of game you saw tonight. The ball bouncing all over the place and that’s part of it and there’s no excuses for us to not be up to the task and to deal with the game. We were here last year and we came out favorably, so there’s no excuses with any of that stuff and yes we did know they were a team that was down and we did know we were playing on this field and there’s no excuses. We lost the game.

Well I don’t think they (LA) were pressing more than they should have after New England scored the first goal. They (LA) were trying to get the goal.

No I don’t think the Revolution were different in the second half. They didn’t look any different in the first half.


Well we knew it was going to be a tough game, especially with them coming off a 5-0 loss. They aimed to pressure us tonight and they did just that, they beat us in key spots on the field and scored two goals against us. We had a chance in the 2nd half, but we just didn’t play well enough tonight and we just have to put this game behind us and get ready for DC next week.

Yeah definitely is disappointing to give up two goals for the first time all year. We have been playing really well and have not been allowing goals and this is the first time anyone has scored two goals in one game on two shots we should have been able to prevent. Yea it’s disappointing, but like I said, we should just put this behind us and keep doing what we have done all year and take that into D.C. and the rest of the season.

No I don’t think we were too tired, yeah we had a game on Wednesday in Seattle. Some of the traveling might have tired out legs but that is no excuse for not showing up and playing well. There just wasn’t enough quality out there tonight and no I don’t think fatigue was the issue, but just that we weren’t as tough as we usually are out there.


Yea definitely, I felt 100 percent out there tonight [after leaving the Seattle game early]. I just got to keep working and get back into shape. I just got to keep playing and getting ready for next week and each morning just work to get better.

We try to take something from each game, at the end of the road we didn’t get the result we were looking for. The first goal came on a set piece, which put us behind for the rest of us 2nd half, and forced us to have to try and crawl back into the game. Like I said, we just have to take some positives from the game and just be better next week.

We missed both Landon [Donovan] and Omar [Gonzalez]. Both guys make us better you know, and we don’t want to miss either one of those guys.

Well right now I would say that I haven’t ever had someone feed me the ball like Landon . I have been playing real well ever since I got to LA, and I have been here four years now and just want to get better every time I step on the field. We definitely missed him tonight and definitely could have used him. Well it looks like that when it’s working, when everything is going well but when we are not winning people are going to question and it’s easy to take notice. When the combination is working and you are winning it just makes it all that sweeter.


Anonymous said...

Do we get our money back (even though we didn't pay any thing) for the poor playing?

charlesj27 said...

Well-deserved CONGRATS go out to Spain for their hard-worked and consistent effort knocking and knocking on goal. Bravo to Iniesta, Xavi, and David Villa. Absolute composure, tactics, confidence, and tenacity. Netherlands did all they could to get into the "heads, epsecially emotions of Spain" - but, Spain kept their form. That chest kick from Nigel DeJong to Xavi Alonso - should have really been a RED card easily! Netherlands played as if Yellow cards was a treat for them. I went into this World Cup favoring Germany and Netherlands... but, so glad to be proven wrong! Well done, Spain... Well done!
Sorry that Juninho will have to sit out the next match to accumulation of yellow cards. I hope this "rest" of 5 days or so will bring some concentration, tempo, and confidence a-plenty back to our team and squad. Hopefully, the guys will all - take it upon themselves to improve more on posession and passing, especially. Our players need to understand the importance and essense of letting the ball do more work than the player's legs... this is the only way to get a full, hardcore 90+ minutes out on the pitch during games. That applies to short passes and long passes, fast, strong, on the floor!!! I am glad that Bruce is giving our younger players more competitive time despite of their inexperience and flaws in decision-making... no better teacher than actual competitive game minutes. At some point - don't know how or when - expecting to see much more firmer and bolder contribution from Eddie, Clint, and Dema... these guys if they choose to - can make a hearty impact in the attacking shape of a game at certain key moments. I know our LA Galaxy team have decent, committed players and are practicing and working... But, very important to be aware of who is creeping up behind us in a hot, scorching flash... RSL - at one point we led them by a 12-point cushion... and, now they are hell-bent on closing that gap and are ONLY six points behind us.