Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UPDATE: Donovan on KTLA Morning News

In case you missed it early this morning, here is Landon Donovan's interview on the KTLA Morning Show and AM 830 Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge. After watching the full interview check out the Behind the scenes video below. Enjoy!

After you watch the interview, take a look at what our flipcamp captured behind the scenes.

Landon's day was not done yet.

Following training, Landon was on ESPN 710's LA Sports Live, with Andrew Sciciliano and Mychal Thompson. They asked him about his time in Everton, the upcoming season, David's appearance at today's training session, the CBA and United Against Malaria.

Click here to listen.


Anonymous said...

Lodge said that Landon was a "Redlands High School Terrier." Didn't he graduate from Redlands East Valley High School? Wouldn't that make him a Wildcat?

Anonymous said...

Once a Terrier always a Terrier! Go dawgs!

Anonymous said...

i think she called him leonard near the end. >=/