Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ask Omar

As a rookie last year he received props from Thierry Henry and now with his second season as a pro on the horizon, Omar Gonzalez is looking to accomplish bigger things.

What exactly are those bigger things? You'll just have to ask him by heading over to and submitting your questions here for the latest edition of the site's You Asked? feature.

The interview will take place on Thursday so get your questions in now.

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charlesj27 said...

Good for Omar... He deserves it, as do many of our LAG players. I hope all of the youngsters continue to push themselves, set goals and attain them as best as they can... but, I'm also hoping they're learning how valuable communication, daily drills, competition, and making other players around you better are so vital. Glad that you're on our team, Omar! Keep up the excellent work!