Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week Inside the Galaxy - Episode 8

Enjoy the latest edition of This Week Inside the Galaxy as we look back at the win over Houston, join the fans as they welcome Landon back from South Africa, meet the newest member of the Galaxy, Alecko Eskandarian, and look ahead to this weekend's game against the Revolution.


When you;re done with the video, be sure to read Mark Rogondino's latest View from the Booth, Larry Morgan's preview of Saturday's game and the MLS preview, complete with all the stats and trends heading into the game with New England.


Anonymous said...

Way to show your support ACB! Welcome home Landon.

Anonymous said...

I liked the sights and sounds, that footage was cool

Anonymous said...

Great coverage this week. Really enjoyed the sights and sounds from the game. Keep up the good work!

footballlvr said...

How classless can Donovan get? His comments on Beckham are disgusting, unwarranted, juvenile. He is the biggest wannabe, couldn't make it even in reserves in Europe. Just a reminder, Beckham has played and starred for England, Man U, Real Madrid, AC Milan. What has Donovan done? Scored a a few penalties. Who is he to criticize leadership qualities? Sulking on the pitch, no organizational skills. He should be suspended for such ridiculous inflamatory comments. If Beckham is the problem why isn't "Donovan's team" at the top of the league? I believe the Galaxy were a lot closer to the top at this point last season.