Monday, July 13, 2009

Inside Today's Training - With Three New Faces

The media was out in full force this afternoon as the Galaxy went through their training session at The Home Depot Center. David Beckham trained with the club for the first time while Chris Birchall was also out on the field, going full speed through the 90 minute session.

This is the Galaxy's only session here in the Southland before they travel to New York tomorrow ahead of Thursday's game. So enjoy this look inside a Galaxy practice as we look at the three newest members of the club; Alecko, Becks and Birchall.
The two new B's in the Galaxy midfield, Beckham and Birchall, were on the field together for the first time today.
Birchall has trained with the club on numerous occasions, but this was his first full session after agreeing to terms with the club.
Beckham did not miss a beat on the field today, getting involved straight away in all the drills.
He's been with the team for about 10 days, Alecko is still a new face to us.
The Galaxy midfield gets together for a chat.
Becks and Omar begin to get acquainted.
Alecko and others worked on some finishing...
...while these guys looked on.
Veteran midfielder Chris Klein was a popular interview... of course was David.

Now we're off to New York.


Sara said...

Fantastic photos, i am glad Beckham acted like his usual class act, so we can move on and let this mess behind. Its nice to see them all together training, and hopefully there is a great game in New York.

Pete said...


It's all good..., a bit of controversy, drama & press. To lose only 3 games in 17 (I think) is god but maybe these additions and Becks perhaps will close out the season with a playoff spot! Fans, enjoy the moment and know in this game and other sports, nothing is certain and players come and go on their own accord for all sorts of reasons. If he leaves, so be it.

Edge said...

thanks for the pictures i like these training pictures but can you guys make them like you use to where you click the picture and it gose to a diffrent page but the picture is big i like to use then as my wallpaper on my comp.

charlesj27 said...

Good set of pics, guys. Thanks. I hope the team will really get a chance to practice very well once over there. Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands is not a fun turf to play on. That turf is aged, not forgiving, and slick like a "slip-n-slide" when wet. Our team has to really be very smart and position very well. We've got to maintain as much of the posession as possible in both halves. So far, I have not heard any news about Donovan Ricketts - will he be joining the rest of the team at Giants Stadium? What about Dema? Shouldn't he be coming along, as well? The team has to be very controlled, confident, and excellent in positioning. That ball has got to be in posession and moving so that much of the traveling is done by the ball, not so much the players. Do well, LA Galaxy - Do well!

Anonymous said...

The 3 new faces are nice, but there should be another addition. Kirovski is a waste, there has to be better pace.

Anonymous said...

the circus is back in town... (and I don't mean Birchall)

hope the team doesn't suffer from it.

In multiple interviews he is already again putting HIS interest ahead of the team, so get rid of him.

We can use the DP spot and the capspace on someone who actually wants to play with the G's and in MLS.

Anonymous said...

One minute he says he wants to go back to Milan, the next he says he wants to finish his contract with LA, the next he throws around the idea of going back to the EPL... which is it, David?

Can't we just trade him to FC Dallas or NYRB and be done with it???

Anonymous said...

Naw, let's with Houston. Beckham for Stuart Holden and Geoff Cameron.

Nicole said...

Beckham has a class act?!!! Are you effing kidding me?

Do he and his people really believe what they're spewing out of their mouths?

How in heaven's name can he say in one breath that he's going back to Milan and/or the EPL up through and including the World Cup 2010 and then in the next breath say he's committed to MLS and the Galaxy?? Does he really think the fans are that stupid? Does he really think his teammates are that stupid?

God bless Landon Donovan for speaking out. He is absolutely 100% right.


Please, Galaxy, end this charade.

Glen said...

thanks for posting pic's and info, keep up the great work.

MEG said...

Nicole, You obviously have no clue about football, transfers loans etc. This is a world game not a US game where they only play American teams and declare they are world champions. Get a life and stop the insults you are just making a fool of yourself