Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bring on the Rossoneri

AC Milan arrived in Los Angeles this evening and made their way straight to UCLA for a training session ahead of Sunday's game against the Galaxy.

Having just returned from a long flight themselves, the Galaxy went through a very short session this morning at The HDC. All 26 players on the Galaxy roster were in attendance, including the injured Julian Valentin in Sean Franklin, who made their way outside to get some sun on a gorgeous Southern California Saturday, as well as Yohance Marshall who returned from his loan spell in Austin to get some playing time tomorrow against Milan.

There were a number of interested observers at the session as well, as the participants in the Galaxy's Youth Camps were there, Yohance had five members of his family in attendance and Edson's father brought his entire club team from back in New York, meeting the team and getting some photos and autographs ahead of the game.
I don't think that it's a stretch to say that all the kids went home happy and will likely be Galaxy fans for life. An Edson goal tomorrow might just seal the deal.

Speaking of Milan clubs, while the team was in New York, Dave Sarachan's son Ian, who has trained with the Galaxy for much of the year, had a day that he'll never forget, playing for UCLA in their 2-2 draw with Inter Milan.

Not a bad way to stay fit I'd say.

Lastly, it's concert time at The HDC with Coldplay in town tonight. The band are big soccer fans so they'll be glad to add a new jersey to their collection as you can see below.

That's it for now, off to the show!


charlesj27 said...

I'm so... so... so... looking forward to today's game. I hope we get a chance to see Bryan Jordan, Kyle Patterson, Yohance Marshall, and Leo Griffin play for at least 25 minutes. These guys need actual games and minutes. I know Yohance is getting that in Austin while on loan... but, players need strong games to keep their quickness WITH better decision-making sharp.
WOW - those kids that got to attend the practice session yesterday SCORED with photograph opportunities and autographs. Good for them!
Make no mistake, guys - Leonardo of AC MIlan is staunch training & fitness coach - he will make sure that his team is ready in mind, and in body to play. Our guys have to be calm, composed, fast, and steady. HDC is our grounds - we know it best! Play the ball fast, with quick decision-making. Keep the positioning tight and close against their players, so as to always contain their offensive movements. There will be opportunities for our guys to get fast-runs in off of counters/turn-overs. This is why the youngsters need to be prepared adn ready for this game! It's the fans' jobs to bring the extra, essential third component - SPIRIT! I hope ACB, GALAXIANS, and RIOT SQUAD are out there in full glory and cheer!

Edge said...

in the first picture is that one of beckham kid balancing the water bottle on his head ? looks like he found a way to kill some time

Sara said...

LMAO Edge, man you got an amazing eye, haha it does look like on of the Beckham boys, he usually takes them with him to training.