Saturday, July 4, 2009

Postgame Reaction

Here is the official quote sheet form tonight's game...


On tonight’s match:
Certainly, a good win. We were challenged a lot and had to defend a lot of restarts from the New England team. Their throw-ins in the last half of the field looked dangerous. Our center backs played real well on the evening. It was just a blue collar type of game tonight. You have to win these games in this league. Obviously, both teams are missing players, and it’s never an excuse. You have to deal with it. [Josh] Saunders did a great job coming in for Donovan Ricketts. We are missing some other players. We are happy we didn’t have to use [Dema] Kovalenko tonight; we can save him for another week, which is a real plus. Obviously some other guys are missing. We’ll have some additions over the next couple of weeks, but to get these last two wins at home are very important. It helps us move up the ladder a little bit, and position our team to be competitive for hopefully, a playoff run in the second half of the season.

On Alecko Eskandarian:
I thought that obviously besides the goal, he was really pretty active. He offers us some good mobility. Partnering up with Buddle, they were able to combine and create some chances. We certainly didn’t anticipate having to play him 60 odd some minutes. He wasn’t expected to be in the starting line-up, but with the unfortunate injury with [Alan] Gordon—he came and did a great job.

On joining the Galaxy:
It’s pretty good so for. I thank Bruce [Arena] for bring me in, and having the confidence to let me start today. It was a last second thing, but I can’t say enough about Bruce, coaching staff and my teammates making me feel so comfortable right away. I felt like I’ve been with them for three weeks instead of three days.

On his first Galaxy goal:
I know I timed my run perfectly, so I knew that I was onside, but I was just hoping the linesman wouldn’t blow the call, so I knew that I was on side. It came on my right foot, which is my weaker foot, I just wanted to guide it into the goal. With a ball like that, it was a great ball by Todd [Dunivant], you’ve got to hit it on the first time, so I did my best to keep it low and hit it toward the corner and it worked out pretty good.

On the win:
It’s great. It’s huge for us. We haven’t been able to put two wins together all year. Doing it 1-0 was the hard way, but it’s also a good sign because we haven’t had a lot of those victories in the past few seasons. It shows that the team is making progress, and I think the character of this team is really showing throw.

On physicality of the game:
It was a physical game. A lot of fouls. It was one of those games, again, that we scored a goal and then lost our momentum, lost our flow of play. It’s something we have to work on. I guess we haven’t been used to leading a whole lot this year, and we’ve done it the last two games.

On his clean sheet:
It’s awesome. Ian [Feuer]’s been saying it all week—if you put the effort it and you are going to reap the rewards. It said it to me after the game, “See when you work hard, that’s exactly what comes of it.” He said he was extremely happy for me, and I ultimately trust him with everything we do. It’s definitely showing on the field.

The whole backline is awesome. Since the beginning of the year they have progressed as a unit. Their ability to move together and feed of each other and know where they each other is going to be, is great. Gregg [Berhalter] is a great leader back there. He’s hard on us. He expects the most from us. It shows. We’ve gotten a lot of results. There might not be a lot of wins in the win column, but we’ve gotten a lot of results keeping the goals now. I can’t say enough about the four guys in front of me.

On the match:
Well, I guess the bottom line is that the score is one-nil, sometimes in this game you don’t get what you deserve and we absolutely deserved at least a point today. We had a right winger playing left back, we had a ton of things against us tonight, but we stood up and we showed what we are made of. We could’ve had a penalty at the end. We didn’t quite get on the end of some things in the penalty box. Whether that means we need to put a better ball in or make a better run. But, we absolutely gutted it that we didn’t get a point.

On the team’s performance:
I’m very proud of the guys. We came out slow and we went down a goal, but everybody played hard, everybody fought hard until the last minute. There shouldn’t be a guy in the locker room that is not proud.

On the Revolution’s schedule:
We are unlucky because we’ve been playing a lot of games before coming here—SuperLiga and stuff like that. But, I think we did well. In the second half, we came out all out, but we couldn't finish it. The Galaxy played a great game.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the effort by both teams. Hats off to all for an honest effort. AJ had his best game as a pro and Alecko could be huge with this team if he stays healthy. What heart and hustle. That's a pro. Saunders should settle a bit now after a solid effort.

Well done boys and I'll treat you all to some goat k-bobs next week. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Where has Dema been at?

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

Can someone tell me what exactly happened between BJ and reiss? I was watching the events unfolding directly in front of me and screamin bloody murder at the ref.

Great game boys!!! Love the Hustle from Alecko. That is the kind of work and determination I have been looking for over the last few months. He made mr. Buddle look like he was standing still.

A.J. DeLa Garza, you are the man. Way to play your man and not give an inch. You have been OUTSTANDING in your last few matches. Good on ya!!

Todd MF'n Dunivant!! First the re-direction last week, now the perfect cross into space this week. Wow am I happy to see you back with the Galaxy!!! Way to work!

Good job boys!

Mark Villa sec.132 said...

Oh yeah, Josh Saunders, nice return! Way to keep your head-up and control your area!!

Anonymous said...

I think Josh needed this kind of game to gain some confidence,nice playing between the pipes. Buddle looked sluggish,slow,lazy,hope he dosen't think he can bring that kinda play against Chivas,might be a wake up call for him. Still need steady play in the midfield,but that dosen't mean Beckham is the answer either,but I guess we will all find out. The DDDDD has totally been upgraded,and keeps us in all the games,gives our forwards a chance to win it for us. I agree with Mr.Villa,A.J has been playing great soccer the last 4 games,he looks like he's getting better and better each and every game,and the rookie has not given up a goal. He will make rookie mistakes,but not to where it puts us at a disadvantage. A.J is looking comfortable at his new position,and he brings it for 90 minutes. TODD, your the real fixture in the back,Berhalter & Gonzales seem to get all the credit in the back,but teams better start looking at the 2 Outside backs... RICKKKKKKKKKK keep it clean between the pipes, your the MANNNNNN