Monday, July 27, 2009

Landon Up for Award Again

The game's other goal may have gotten the most attention in the last couple of days, but we think that Landon Donovan had a pretty nice goal himself in Saturday's 1-1 draw at Kansas City.

The folks at shared our sentiment and have named it as one of the five Goal of the Week nominees. Maybe this has a little to do with Landon (and Alecko for that matter) being robbed of the award last week, but he's nominated none the less and hopefully he can become the Galaxy's first winner of the award this season.

Check out the goal below and be sure to click here to vote.


Galaxy Til I Die said...

Landon's goal is a great individual effort. But the other goal scored in the match against the Wizards deserves goal of the week.

charlesj27 said...

Agree with the commentor above. Eventhough, I am super-happy that Landon took it upon himself to push, break-away, and score a fast, low shot past Hartman... the 50+ yard, arcing, quick-take by Claudio Lopez more than deserves the goal of the week & month. It was just one of those unfortunate, reactionary mis-touch from Omar that an experienced, sly, fast-approaching midfield-attacker like Lopez capitalized on and took a furious chance on. And, it paid off! Good for Lopez. I hope our midfielders and forwards keep watching that over and over again and get churned up inside to do better and come out hungrier in the next games. Our team cannot afford to be lax and sit back... we have to be in full-force and alertness with all games from this point on! Landon and David have to push the guys to keep pushing forward and keep creating as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

Claudo's goal is even more impressive given that both Landon and David both failed in their attempts to match his shot in that same game. Great assist by Omar!