Friday, July 17, 2009

Heading Home

After last night's win, the Galaxy are now heading back to Los Angeles to prepare for Sunday's friendly against AC Milan at a sold out Home Depot Center.

With the team travelling most of the day, the guys were in the gym early this morning to get a solid workout in and keep their bodies on pace for Sunday's game.

That's it from the Garden State and we'll be back with more this weekend.


The FAN said... update on the team's last minute preparations before the friendly?

At least 2 or 3 pics of the training sessions would do. Please..!!?


charlesj27 said...

I know the team, especially the players that played a lot of minutes on Thursday have to conserve their strength, energy, and output for this Sunday (tomorrow). But, it is also important that many of the team members practice consistently on the field at the HDC. To me - ALL of the youngsters and the subs have to be participating in soccer tennis drills; one- & two-touch passing; SMALL 7-v-2 & 6-v-6 15 minute scrimmages. They have to!!! The regular / starting 11 have to focus on finishing (high-priority), positioning, and passing/posession!!!