Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Becks on Today Show

Today Show's Matt Lauer sat down with David Beckham to discuss his return to the club.

Afterward, David gave his suit to Matt. (NBC Today Show Blog)


Nicole said...

This interview makes me sick. I could only stomach half of it, up through the part where Donovan is made out to be the bad guy.

Really, Matt Lauer, you're going to let David off the hook with his silly little explanation of how committed he is - when ALL of his actions indicate otherwise? Why not ask David how he fought tooth and nail not to come back, how he's willing to pay his own money not to come back. That's just for starters.

Matt, why didn't you ask David why he dogged it on the field after Gullit left? Why he gave a half-hearted effort to the team - wouldn't take a shot and just lofted long balls that weren't accurate and then when he shows up at Milan, he's a killer passer and his effort is supreme.

But no, Landon is an easy target because he's not there to defend himself. And besides, Becks is just so pretty to look at, huh, Matt.

I'll definitely be skipping Regis and Kelly.

Dan Haug said...

Man Becks is SO smooth. He completely dismissed Landon in such an off-handed way. What a complete jerk. He still hasn't taken any responsability for any of the stuff he has done to hurt the Galaxy (both on and off the field).

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, what happened to "I'm not going to discuss it anymore."

And yet, there's Becks saying once again that Landon is unprofessional. Hey, Becks, look in the mirror, jerk.

Anonymous said...

Guys you need to move on. I understand Becks didnt cut it but that was last year and i could care less. If he leads LA to the MLS Cup this year then everybody will forget about his past failures. Am not letting him off the hook but i am willing to move on and give him this 15+ games as his chance to make up for his blemishes.

Anonymous said...

I don't get comments on here, are you guys serious? He did not dismiss Landon in any way, this interview was clearly a fluff LAG PR piece.What do you expect from a star player like him? He will get all the attention from the media about the case, since he is obviously a bigger celebrity, i get it. And its not like he would go into what was said, and why does it matter? Cant we move on? They had a conversation, and they are cool with each other now.I think David gets just how important Landon is for this club, and wont drag this out.

And i don't think he has to own anything, yes he left, but he paid us pretty money for it, and i will give him a chance to show his dedication to the club if he stays.

Anyway it was a nice low key interview, despite the fact that there are news reports about him being sick with flu, you could see it a bit on his face here.

Anonymous said...

I agree Nicole & Dan - it's been frustrating through this whole thing how people act like there was no validity to what Landon was saying without really demanding much in the way of an explanation from Beckham and letting him just brush everything aside as though there's no way it could be true. It's assumed that there's no chance the criticisms could be accurate because...why? He's good at free kicks? So what, it doesn't mean anything about the kind of person he is.

When Beckham mentioned the other day that out of all these big fancy teams he's played with, no one has ever called him unprofessional...for one thing, it sounded like he was trying to show how much more important he was than Landon, which was irritating. But also - I don't doubt for a moment that he may have been perfectly professional on teams like AC Milan and Man U...but I also don't doubt that he looks at this stint in the States and at MLS as being less worthy, less important, and that he therefore probably behaved differently here than he has at bigger clubs.

And yeah - I call BS on the commitment thing. He's chomping at the bit to get away from here, he's talked about it numerous times (and now yammering about the Prem again). I think he's a talented player, but at this point, I'm basically over him.

Anonymous said...

I am getting so sick of this guy and his routine, taking his chances to take pot shots at Landon, after he said that he'd be keeping everything private. I hope we get rid of him as soon as possible, he's a cancer, to our team, to MLS.

Anonymous said...

I think David IS committed to Galaxy. Just follow this schedule:

2009-34 years old: 1/2 season w/ LA
2010-35 years old: 1/2 season w/ LA
2011-36 years old: 1/2 season on DL
2012-37 years old: Belated retirement.


Anonymous said...

You guys are very insecure, trying to find fault with this interview.

Mark Villa sec. 132 said...

Get over it people. He didn't slag anybody in this piece. Wait and see how he does on the pitch. But at the same time, remember that it is not only Becks himself, that needs to come correct. Landon needs to pull the trigger alot more than he has to this point. Buddle needs to start using some finesse and showing some hussle. Has anyone else noticed that he won't chase a ball down unless he has a clear shot at getting on goal? He has no interest in maintaining possesion or setting up anyone else. As much as I love Gordon, he needs to improve his touch and passing as well. Hopefully with Becks and Birchall, Kirovski and Miserablanzi can be relegated to the reserves. The back line still needs help, by the 65th minute or so, Berhalter is looking gassed, and we have NO depth there. That has to change. Every player in a Galaxy shirt MUST STEP UP FROM HERE ON OUT!!!!!! That goes for the fans as well. No more of this L.A. i'm too cool to stand and sing BS. Get up, yell, shout, cheer and show the same effort you expect too see on the field. If you want to maintain that this team is more than just Becks, then stop making him the scapegoat for everything that has gone or may go wrong. There are 26 people plus COACHES and the ineptitude better known as AEG, with something to prove here. Grow up people. Move forward.

James said...

Other than this BS interview, which was mostly full of pre-screened PR lines and loaded statements, I'm reserving judgment on DB's commitment to the Galaxy for his performance tomorrow night against NY and his subsequent performances for the rest of the season.

It is true that he seemed to switch off for the latter part of last season, but as a dedicated Galaxy fan and season ticket holder, I'd cheer on Charles Manson if he was playing in a Galaxy shirt. I'll cheer on Beckham just the same and hope that he plays for the team, and shows passion and commitment. The Galaxy really need to reach the playoffs this year, and if Beckham is part of the team that can achieve that, then Galaxy fans should be happy about that. All the off-field shenanigans is just a distraction from that.

MEG said...

You are all just showing your ignorance. We love you Becks.

Anonymous said...

So he can give Matt Lauer a $2000 suit but he can't buy dinner for his teammates that make $12k a year? What a loser.

Anonymous said...

much more important than DB's underwear and fathering technique is the what Villa said; "...Buddle needs to start using some finesse and showing some hussle. Has anyone else noticed that he won't chase a ball down unless he has a clear shot at getting on goal? He has no interest in maintaining possesion or setting up anyone else..."

Becks is a handy play-maker, but not the vital ingredient necessary for success. the galaxy has to raise it's game if it wants to succeed. That means taking many more risks in short passing games in the opponents half of the field, and a MUCH higher work rate from players like Buddle, Gordon and Miglioranzi.

Becks is only looking out Becks. We could have won a half dozen more games this season if we had used his spot/salary to field some attackers with real punch.