Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reaction from the Locker Rooms

Here is what the guys from both side had to say about last night's game.


On the game

“I think you have to give Kevin Hartman a lot of credit. He made some big saves in that first half. I thought overall our team played well. We didn't take care of our opportunities. I give Hartman a lot of credit, and I give [Claudio] Lopez a lot of credit for a fabulous goal. That's one of those goal of the year things and Hartman had a few saves of the year. They got some good performances out of their key players tonight. You know, for long periods of time I thought we did alright on creating chances. And at the end of the day, if you don't finish those chances, you're not going to win. And that was the case tonight.”

On Saunders coming in for the injured Ricketts

“Saunders had a great save on that free kick early in the second half. Again, I think the keepers made some timely saves tonight for both teams.”

On Beckham and Donovan playing together

“They're playing well. Landon [Donovan] had another good game. David [Beckham] played well. He had a little bit of a knock. And his fitness isn't where he wants it to be right now. But certainly we'll get better each and every week. But I'm pleased with the work b both of those players. Both teams are missing some players tonight. Certainly Conrad and Arnaud are big losses for Kansas City and our injuries in our friendly [with AC Milan] to our starting forwards and [Donovan] Ricketts (to back spasms) didn't help us tonight.”


On his goal and the play that set him up

“David did a really good job putting pressure on Santiago [Hirsig]. He knicked the ball away and took a touch and a couple guys made really good runs to open the defense, and I put it in a good spot.”

On coming back

“Even before that goal, we were all over them and we should have scored a couple goals. It's a night we'll want to have played again because I think it’s a game we deserved to win. In the end, it's okay. We were playing well up to that point and we played well after that point. They had a short spell in the second half where they came back into it but other than that, we dominated the game.”

On the tie

“Earlier in the year, we would have been happy with tying like this. There was a sense of disappointment coming in (the locker room) tonight. We don't want to give away any points now. That's a good sign. At the end of the day if their goalie has that kind of game, we can live with it.”


On the game

“Overall, I don't think it was our best night of soccer. We've moved on from a few months ago. We're trying to win games that we probably would have settled for the draw. But it’s a good bunch of guys and I do think we deserved at least a draw tonight.”

On his assist

“It was nice to get my first assist back in the league. It's good to be out there at the moment. It's a good bunch of guys like I said and working hard for each other. We enjoyed it tonight.”

If Claudio Lopez' goal outdid his shot from last year against Kansas City

“It was a great goal. It doesn't matter what league it's in or where it is in the world. It was a great goal. All credit to him, he's a great player and good goal tonight.”

On hitting the bulls eye Friday during training

“The first time...We kind of finished training and three of us: me, Gordo (Alan Gordon) and Eddie Lewis walked over and said first one to get it close. It’s the worst shot, you have to go collect the balls after. I went third and yeah, hit it straight through. It was surprising, about 100 yards out so it was nice. No cameras there to prove it. So that was a shame.”

On the atmosphere and standing-room-only crowd

“There was a great reaction tonight from the fans. When you go to the away stadiums, you don't expect to have anybody on your side. Tonight it was a great atmosphere: Lots of families, lots of kids, and a lot of people who seemed to enjoy the game. So I hope they went home happy, and it was nice to have their support because it was a really nice atmosphere to play in.”

On Kevin Hartman’s performance

“I thought he was outstanding. He did what he’s done most of the year, which is make saves when he’s called upon. We had some missed clearances in the first half that led to chances for them and he made some real good saves.”

On Claudio Lopez’s half-field goal

“I was thinking ‘what is he doing?’ And he hit it perfectly, the only spot he could possibly have put it in. It was a world-class goal. Unfortunately, we conceded not too long afterwards on a mistake in the midfield that we can’t make.”

On Adam Cristman’s debut

“He was solid. He gives us something different that we don’t really have, and that’s a physical presence up top. He’s a guy that can turn bad balls into good balls and help you gain some good territory. It was good to see him out there, and I thought he did a good job for his first time out.”

On the standing-room-only crowd and atmosphere

“The energy was unbelievable. I thought the crowd was amazing. They have been all year, and I think tonight topped it. I’m just disappointing we couldn’t get another goal to get the three points and give them a little more joy when they went home, but at the end of the day, I think they saw a real good soccer game.”


On his goal

“I saw the keeper out of position, and I just decided to shoot. That goal is on the list for the best goal in my career. The most important thing is the three points though. I’m happy about the goal, but I would have settled for the three points instead.”


On the game

“It’s always disappointing when we can’t come away with three points at home. I’m even more disappointed when it’s against my ex-team. I circle games like this on my calendar. I was excited to play this game…I was revved up. It was just a shame we couldn’t pull it off. We’ve got a great fan base, and I thought they deserved more.”

On Claudio Lopez’s goal

“I’ve always been told that goals lift a team and deflate a team, and that goal helped us. It’s just so frustrating that five minutes after that goal we gave one up. I think if we came in 1-0 at halftime it’s a whole different ballgame as the game wears on. They would have had to throw bodies forward, and we’re very good on the counter.”


On his debut in a Wizards uniform

“It was good to finally be out there and get some minutes in. There were a lot of slow weeks of slow going, waiting to heal and building up fitness. I’m looking forward to building on that and making more of an impact.”


The Fan said...

Oh my..I want to see the bulls-eye hitting! From 100 YARDS??! Seriously?? WOW..David Beckham is DEFINITELY the Best Passer and Crosser in the World, probably, ever!

Shame there's no camera at all. Didn't you guys accidentaly recorded it somewhere? I want to see it!

Anyway..Congratulations for the 1 point away! Yeah..the guys really deserved the draw.

Anonymous said...

prob never happened jus pr