Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

And we're back.

The blog staff had to take a couple of weeks off to recharge the batteries and enjoy the holiday season, but we're back and ready for bigger things in 2008.

A lot of stuff has happened since we last posted so here are a few of the bullet points.

  • Landon was called into the U.S. National Team for a two-week training camp ahead of the game against Sweden at The Home Depot Center on January 19. While Landon was the only Galaxy player to be called in, he will be joined in training by a familiar face as goalkeeper Steve Cronin will be doing some extra training for a few days with the National Team keepers.
  • Mike Randolph was again called into the U.S. Under-23 National Team for a camp in Bradenton, Fla. from January 6-20. This is the second consecutive call-up for Randolph who played in both of the National Team's recent draws in China, starting one match.
  • Becks began training with Arsenal this week, getting some extra work in ahead of the start of the Galaxy's preseason which begins next month.
  • The coaching staff hosted an invitation-only combine at The Home Depot Center just before Christmas, with a number of foreign professional and local college players trying to catch the eye of the Galaxy staff.
  • The club also hosted the third annual Galaxy Fantasy Camp, with more than 45 campers between the age of 19-55 turning out.
  • The coaching staff is preparing for next weekend's MLS Combine at Lockhart Stadium and then the MLS SuperDraft in Baltimore on January 18.

That's it for now but we'll be back with more on these topics and a whole lot more as the season grows closer.

Just 84 more days until the season opener in Colorado!


Anonymous said...

glad your back, looking forward to some roster, superdraft, waive news from the LA G's.

a good start to 2008 for all of you


charlesj27 said...

Hope all Galaxy fans had a decent holiday season and hoping for a strong, intense, soccer skill and depth extravaganza for our LA Galaxy team in 2008.

Request: Please give all us, fans, some notice as to how long staff will be out/away... Honestly, I had no idea how long this site would be in "Holiday" mode. Then, I started to wonder if anybody was ever going to come back to host the official Galaxy blog.

As Ben stated above - Many of the Galaxy fans are desparately & eagerly waiting to get in-depth news of the MLS Combine, MLS SuperDraft, and Galaxy trades in this off-season to pre-season. Keeping communication with us goes a LONG WAY in terms of Fan Pride & Fan Care... that being said - please do your best to keep us informed!!!

Key Positions, Tactics, Posession, Control-on-the-pitch, and constant pressure and offense-based soccer is what many of the Galaxy fans, the game-watchers, and game attendees are dying to see. The coaching staff and training staff must make practices, drills, fitness, and endurance Priority One.

Real Salt Lake, Chivas USA, DC United, and New York Red Bulls are all going to be fiercely competitive at the MLS SuperDraft. Our LA Galaxy cannot back down - it cannot be passive... Our LA Galaxy has got a LOT to prove in 2008 and 2009!!!

The LA Galaxy cannot claim to be and expect to be recognized as an internationally competitive soccer club - if we cannot even make it to the top of the MLS Conference Table. We've got to be a stronger, tactically-vast, posession-and-forward movement enabled soccer team.

Hoping like hell... that's all I can say...

charlesj27 said...

I can't wait for the 2008 season to start. I really hope that our LA Galaxy makes the much, much needed changes it desperately requires in building strength, tactics, pace, possesion, and FINISHING into the team squad! There must be positive changes made!

I want to wish David Beckham the best of luck in being able to make the England Squad for coming world-cup qualifiers. He is an excellent soccer role-model... It's obvious he is the genuine deal. He cares about the style, integrity, and finishing of this beautiful game. I am glad that David Beckham, Ruud Gullit, Cobi Jones, Landon Donovan, Chris Klein, Clint Mathis, Mike Randolph, Troy Roberts, Ty Harden, & Josh Tudela are members of the LA Galaxy team... They all show integrity, passion, and respect for this beautiful game.

charlesj27 said...

In this post you had mentioned that the LA Galaxy coaching staff held an "Invitation-Only" Combine at the HDC back before X'Mas 2007. Is it possible to elaborate on that. Which foreigh professionals - form where? Which College players? How long was the try-outs? Playing against who?

Curous minds want to know! Thanks.