Friday, January 11, 2008

Poll Time

With the voting season now in full effect, we thought that we'd share a couple of polls with you this morning, but don't worry, no politics here, these are both Galaxy/soccer related.

The first poll comes from our friends at the Los Angeles Times who are playing a version of Survivor with area sports teams. Twelve teams started the competition but only 11 remain as our rivals from down the hall, Chivas USA, were eliminated at the first sad.

Here's the link to the Times Sports section (Round 2 of the voting has closed and it appears that the Galaxy is safe, the poll will be back up shortly for Round 3 voting). Right now the the Galaxy are right in the middle of the pack, neck and neck with USC football and ahead of the Angels, Avengers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.

The other poll is from who are currently selecting the Nationwide England Player of the Year for 2007. All 42 players who represented England in the 2007 calender year are up for the award and mini bios on each can be found here.

You have to register here to vote in that poll, but by doing so you will be entered to win a trip to England's first game of 2008 against Switzerland on February 6, with hospitality paid by Nationwide, as well as the opportunity to present the award to the winning player, so sign up now because voting closes at midnight (in England) on January 31.


Anonymous said...

obviously vote for Becks ;-)

He played just 1.5 qualifiers thanks to injuries. Non the less he set up 3 important goals in 90 (vs Estonia Away) and 45 mins (vs Croatia Home) to almost rescue England yet again.

1 Assist every half - what a dream quote !

as for the LA poll, glad ChivasUSA are the one that people want to get rid off the most !


Anonymous said...

your "link" to the poll isn't to the's a link to the front page of the sports page!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if we could get some information on the combine this past weekend? which players impressed the staff? type of things...thanks