Friday, January 18, 2008

Two More Heading West

In the third round the Galaxy grabbed Julian Valentin, a defender from Wake Forest and Matt Allen, a goalkeeper from Creighton University.

We'll have comments from each, as well as any other picks the Galaxy make in the fourth round, after the draft.

At that time, Paul and Alexi will be addressing the media so we'll have some from them as well.


Erick Perez said...

So far looks like a very balanced draft for the galaxy, attacking players, and defending players, plus a goalkeeper. :)

Can you post some quotes, from the players and the management?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we got rid of our best defender!!!!Ty harden is going to miss him.

Anonymous said...

Our back line of Randolph, Harden, Roberts and ? is really going to bring us that title, way to go!!!

No I didn't forget X but he doesn't count since he refuses to play on turf which is 1/3 the surfaces in the league.

charlesj27 said...

Okay - so the LA Galaxy (Alexi, Bravo, Trevor & Cobi) did manage to get seven (7) new (young, "moldable", eager, soccer-training capable, soccer-practicing capable) players into the 2008 LA Galaxy roster. Good! I was pleasantaly surprised with us getting these players. Yes, the LA Galaxy went after Mid-Defenders, Mid-Forwards, and Goal Keepers. Fine - these were positions that our LA Galaxy could use! The shock was that we traded away Chris Albright; I think LA Galaxy fans were not ready for that... in terms of giving Chris a strong thank you & a proper send-off. Did our LA Galaxy need the allocation money... YES! ABSOLUTELY!!! Does the LA Galaxy need MORE allocation money? YES... OF COURSE! In an MLS Interview @ the 2008 Draft, Paul Bravo stated that the LA Galaxy managed to scrape together $800K from the trade/sale of Draft-Picks, Joe Cannon, Clint Mathis, and Chris Albright.

Eh-emmm; Guess what LA Galaxy Management... I'm sure you guys know this - but, there are some more current team-squad individuals that can & SHOULD be traded/sold away to get the allocation monies up to $1.1MIL . DO IT!!!

LA Galaxy will NOT be able to survive - much less win - just by bringing in these young players. LA Galaxy 2008 squad needs MUCH MORE increase in Depth, Tactical Superiority, and Powerful Playmaking Abilities on the field. We are not there yet! I am desperately hoping that Ruud, Trevor, Cobi, Bravo, & Beckham have plans & motions set-in-place to get the LA Galaxy the three or four more key-players it needs to make the LA Galaxy team a POWERFUL, SUPERIOR, PLAY-MAKING, OFFENSIVE TEAM.

Continue to keep us fans informed of further developments. The LA Galaxy has to... needs to be MLS Conference top-leaders in 2008 & 2009.

Erick Perez said...

Guys relax...I am not a big fan of Alexi (I'm going to miss Big Joe C, and Chris A), but for my money the Galaxy, is one of a few MLS teams that is trying to bring quality to the field. The team is still taking shape, and we already have in our side players like, Landon, Becks, Xavier, and Ruiz (like him or not he has proved to be a top player in the MLS) Other sides in the MLS could be bringing top DP players and are not. Instead of bringing their own DP player, they want to promote and sell tickets with our DP guy. My point is try to have some faith in basically the only team who is willing to spend to bring you top talent. Let's wait a little longer to see what the squad looks like heading into the season, I am hopefull Rudd and Cobe won't le us down.